An uttering that causes most people who've had to deal with it shudder.

Popups never died.
Now they just appear as "This site uses cookies" and "This site _REALLY_ cares about your privacy (lol), please accept."

glibc's CPU code looks like an absolute trashfire.
"Get cpuflags to enable FMA/AVX/AVX2? Nah, let's just get the exact CPU model and decide everything based on that".
Because future processors don't exist and other vendors suck.

1408 - one of the few movies where executive meddling made the theatrical version better than the director's cut.

Amateras Records - Purely
Amateras are a solid and well known circle. They're less house-orientated than Alstroemeria but they'll occasionally do something like this.

Neat observation: if you delete a file as you're copying it with rsync the rm command will return success and the file will be gone but the transfer will still be completed fully.
Thanks, primitive fd refcounting.

I partially resurrected my XPS 15 9550. No battery, broken F3, F6, and the F9 buttons and partially the up and 8 buttons.
First reaction looking at the screen after loading a fitting ICC profile: the colors red and blue exist?

This is not a healthy battery. In fact I'm pretty sure that's hydrogen gas under the foil.
If I were to board a plane with it I think I wouldn't get away easily if it were discovered or went off.

Its not hoarding, I bought 4 boxes of Pocky because its been months since I've had any.
Don't bring me closer to Pocari Sweat either, my last 2 bottles were thrown away month ago in Hong Kong airport because their transfer system sucks.

Websites that get stuck on loading google fonts which I've of course blocked should be hung from the neck until dead.

I'm working on a 9-point FFT today.
Its Pi day today. How appropriate.

Pulseaudio now requires gstreamer.
I don't need gstreamer. I don't even like gstreamer. I don't care about RTP. Nor do I care or like or need pipewire.
Gnome, could you _not_ do what anything KDE does.

Mastodon have implemented mandatory H264+AAC transcoding for any .mp4 that isn't H264+AAC. Apart from being stupid because AV1 is now being used and Opus has been used for half a decade now, it also opens an easy DDOS attack possibility.
Just encode low bitrate JPEG2000 video in .mp4 (yes, its in spec). The ffmpeg j2k decoder is RIDICULOUSLY slow. Decoding even a few j2k frames will take an eternity.
Of course, I'll permit all codecs in my instance. Something doesn't decode? Not my problem.

Many, including I, occasionally experience the Spectre bug. Internal backtrace:
"Its a 2017 political thri-, wait, that's not right." <- 'political' got cached.
"Its a 2017 movie called Political Made". <- 'political' had a similar hash to 'american' so was found in cache and replaced.

Firefox on wayland still leaks memory like a sieve if the dmabuf option is enabled.
And crashes on Mesa 20 unless MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE=i965 is forced instead of the newer Iris.

Changed /usr/bin/python on my Debian to point to /usr/bin/python3 and removed python2.
Sure hope nothing breaks.

I found an extra cursed wav file with its metadata encoded as GB18030. It took some effort to find out its actually GB18030 rather than SHIFT-JIS.

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