Some years ago I remember aimlessly browsing Wikipedia late at night and stumbling upon the decision of a consortium of muslim scientists and priests on what direction to pray to in case you're in space. The conclusion: just make a guess.
But what if you're in a very low earth orbit and it constantly moves?
Or you're on Alpha Centauri and relativity takes effect? Do you aim for where the earth is now in the earth's time frame or where the earth is now in your time frame?
Or you're on a distant planet some billion light years away, with the entire relative velocity (including angular) of your position to mecca's position greater than the speed of light?
What if the sun destroys the earth? What if the sun is slingshotted out of the solar system and another star takes its place?
What if the earth/sun get destroyed by a black hole and don't exist and yet they exist to external observers.
What if the mecca/you are in an unstable orbit on the event horizon of a black hole?
What if the mecca/you are in an unstable curled orbit on the inside of a black hole? Technically its a different universe since there's a discontinuity on the event horizon.
What if you're in a really really messy region of spacetime which has a non-zero curl?
What if the universe is hyperbolic (sum of angles in a 3-dimensional triangle < 180 degrees)?
What if the universe is hyperbolic and there's a big crunch event?
What if the universe is closed (sum of angles > 180 degrees) and the energy of this universe is spread out thin enough to become less significant than the vacuum expectation value?
What if during the big crunch event you're in an unstable orbit on the inside of a black hole?
What if the universe is flat and eventually a Boltzmann brain gets formed where you are part of the mecca and the mecca is part of you?
What if during the big crunch event you somehow escape this universe and wait long enough for entropy uncertainty to trigger another big bang?
What if one of the million multiverse theories is true and there are many meccas?

Just wrote the dirties, probably very insecure, UTF-8 compatible piece of string processing code in C I've seen.
Felt nice.
Internet got cut off suddenly, so going into radio silence until it gets back. Or I get frustrated and use my phone for tethering.

Finally decided to hang my Mozilla posters, ironic already or not (though one was ironic before it was even produced) and a big Touhou scroll.
Not sure why yet though, I look at walls rarer than I look at my screen wallpaper.

"git archaeology"
Just heard this phrase and my mind got blown. Its true. Some projects are that old and migrated so well from SVN to Git that they have a clean and accurate history spanning 20 years, and I'm sure you could find some truly horrendous and/or nice stuff if you start digging deep in git blame. For swear words.
The age of digital archaeology is upon us.

After spending yesterday in a state of dizzy haze because I underslept by 4 hours and worked through on energy drinks, feels okay to finally be in a normal state again :puniko_yawn2:
If only I didn't have to spend half a day on chores today :puniko_sigh:

Projects who strongly recommend profile guided optimizations have lazy developers who don't know how to optimize properly.

"The Biggie and 2Pac of the Victorian railway scene"

Doom 2 level designers:
"You know what's funny?"
"We already have a few of them on this map."
"I mean in front of the level exit button."
"We _already_ have a pinky in front of the level exit button!"
"I mean on all levels!"
"...ship it."

3/3 companies I've done business with in the past week, a pizza company, a vps hosting company and an email hosting company, have failed me.
I feel like I've spend all of my luck this and last year on that Civ5 game I played long ago and won.

Some time ago I posted a picture showing how the DSD release of some Hibike OST was really just 48Khz PCM converted to DSD.
After I found out about the abitscope filter I took a look at the bit distribution after requantizing to PCM. Top->bottom is MSB->LSB respectively.
Yup, that does look like 24-bit audio, with the bottom 8 or so bits fluctuating due to roundings during the PCM->DSD->PCM requantizations.
Just get the PCM/CD next time, DSD is too cumbersome to work with anyway so all work is done in PCM anyway.

Was so tired I slept for 4 hours after my normal wakeup time, even though I went to bed at a normal time 😴

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Ever since I enabled full text search I very quickly understood the importance of favorites.

For the record that matcha latte did taste incredible.

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From back when things were normal...
After so long its difficult to imagine how trouble and strife used to be or how normal travelling was.

Finally migrated my server to a new machine.
1 core and 2gb of RAM are barely enough and you really need a swap file.
When you enable elasticsearch I figured 8gb of RAM would be a snug fit, so I got 16gb instead, and was right.
I wish web technologies were better. Now I don't want to hear the words "postgresql", "redis", "ruby", "elasticsearch", "nginx" or "node.js" in the next year.

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