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You are entering a realm between clandestine and forgotten, a slipstream caught between channels, the secret museum of mankind, the private library of shadows...
All taking place on a stage forged from mystery, and found only on a frequency caught between logic and myth.
You are entering Paradox Theather.

SN15 landing analysis and issues 

I think SpaceX still have troubles with the Raptor engines.
They said they were going to fire up 3 engines, then turn 1 of them off, and if need be, turn another one off.
But during landing, they turned on 2 engines, and did not shut off one of them, and in fact seemed to keep throttling both to barely make the landing. So that makes it seem like they were lacking thrust.

Also I'm suspecting one of the engines could not light up, hence why they ran the landing with 2. The engine group they used was different from SN11, SN10 and SN9. Optimally, they should've used the bottom 2 engines (when in the belly-flop position) to do the flip, since they'd both be under the center of gravity, allowing the vehicle to be flipped with less energy and less post-flip adjustments.
Judging from the video, they must have realized that engine was not going to light up before they did the flip, since they explicitly moved that specific engine (to the left behind number 61 in the video) out of the way when relighting.

As for the fire, I think one valve must have malfunctioned, making one engine leak methane from its nozzle, spilling it on the ground and causing the fire.

It's been 1.5 years and I still think back to how I haven't had either.
One day I'll find the perfect chocolate. Or I'll make it myself, cooking chocolate exists, shouldn't be too difficult to add some lemon and orange essence.

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"Quantum computer: The 'coronavirus' of cryptography"

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Got some code running on my WeatherSTAR 4000's video CPU, thanks to techknight's hardware documentation:

Palette based, 256 colors, 18 bits per color. 768x480. Looks great on a good display, the photo really doesn't do it justice

CrossCode's artstyle reminds me of Iconoclasts a bit, I should finish that one day.

Just saw a "2021" expiry date on a package and thought "it sounds a few years away, a generic year sometime in the future that roughly means the manufacturer doesn't know".

You know how you can tell scientists apart by the nomenclature, notation and idiosyncrasies they have?

I dare someone to tell me where I came from, because I sure as hell have no clue - I call the natural log `log(arithm) naturalis`. I don't recall any of my professors calling it this at all, nor any of my teachers, or any of the books or reports I've read.

Professional reel-to-reel machines are worse than Opus at 160kbps.
Especially those that run at 30ips. Tape's just not a very good medium.

It's 2021 and idle prevention is STILL not a solved problem on Wayland.
Thankfully the DS4 has a touchpad which can act as a mouse, but fuck remembering to press it every 5 minutes.


Someone linked this DJ livestream about a week ago and I've been really enjoying it.

Every single person I follow with a twitter+fedi accounts posts on both via a bot, and never actually pays any attention to fedi replies, let alone follow back anyone.

The only person who does, checks up once a month or so.

Whenever I think of a cheesy startup name pun I just search if it exists.
It usually does.
I roll my eyes and move on.

I'm playing CrossCode right now.
Owned it for a few years, but since Chromium had broken DS4 support, couldn't play it. Chromium/nwjs works fine now, so I'm able to play it.

It's fun. Does recreate the questing-in-an-MMORPG atmosphere to a decent extent.

Combat is pretty good, thought it does descend into a clusterfuck often. Extra bonus points++ for NOT making it turn based. I swear, the FF series ruined any and all RPGs with turn-based piles of boredom.

"I've done it before" is the ultimate excuse for badassery,
"I've done it before, and failed" is the ultimate excuse for failure.
"I'll likely have to do it again" is the ultimate expression of futility.

I always pick the largest projects to undertake.
Because if I picked the smaller projects, there'd be more errors than actual working code.

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