Oh by the way, Linux has supported this for ages, and not just on AMD CPUs, but for all 64-bit CPUs. AMD themselves added support for that in the kernel & drivers.
Hence their marketing blurb states: "In conventional Windows-based PC systems [...]"

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AMD: "check out our new revolutionary performance feature - Smart Access Memory"

Translated: "Well, Windows had this limitation that prevented more than 4GB of PCIE memory being visible, but then 10 removed this limit and made extended memory a requirement. But its opt-in. So we simply opt-in if we detect AMD CPU and GPU. We're clever."

Wow, SiFive's new board is in all ways better and more affordable than the incredibly overpriced and underperforming monstrosity from a few years ago.
8gb of RAM and PCIE do sound amazing.
Four normal cores too, plus one kinda useless one you can just stick the kernel on.
Still, I wouldn't pay $665 for it. I'd pay no more than $225 or so.

The Bakelite molecule looks like cheimistry's attempt at abstract art. 

And the hydroxyl groups carry a slightly lewd connotation if you have the sense of humor of a 12 year old.

You do get a few bot friends on the fediverse, but its not instant. And sadly they're not the talkative kind of bots 😔

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Its signup bonus was so huge its something no other social network website has done since.
You instantly got a new friend! His name was Tom! I think?

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Myspace was a thing.
Nope, no profound thoughts here, just stating a fact.

The Demuxed 2020 conference is going on right now and yup, they really do require you to spend $49.99 for a ticket to just access the live stream.
To watch pre-recorded talks. And chat with techbros.

I wanted to at least laugh at all those "Reliable ad insertion in OTT DASH streams" talks this super-corporate conference has, but I guess I won't be. Definitely not without internet, even though I could probably ask someone with a ticket for their code.

No internet again this whole day :akko_sad2:
I hate ISPs and DOCSIS. Decided to waste a few megabytes' worth of credit to post this.

Just had a taste of pre-pandemic life!
The cup noodles I bought on a whim tasted like bland airplane meals.

This works for video too, just append stats_mode=single to paletteuse (otherwise a single palette will be calculated for the entire video) and optionally add -pix_fmt yuv420p.

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Palletizing images with FFmpeg 

Bayer dithering, 4 colors.
Yes, this uses the native palette capabilities of whatever codec (png or gif) is used.

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Palletizing images with FFmpeg 

ffmpeg -i $INPUT -filter_complex "[0:0] nlmeans=s=2,scale=sws_flags=lanczos,format=rgb24 [t1] ; [t1] split [t1] [t2] ; [t1] palettegen=max_colors=16:reserve_transparent=false [t1] ; [t2] [t1] paletteuse=dither=floyd_steinberg:color_search=bruteforce:diff_mode=1 [t1]" -map "[t1]" -c:v png -y OUT.png

Adjust settings and colors as wanted. Different dither styles such as bayer produce different dither patterns. Reducing noise via nlmeans emphasizes dither pattern.

Had a dream where people used programmable red LED panels with scrolling text to avoid talking during the pandemic.

Mood: that scene in Violet Evergarden where she tunes her arms to type better.

If someone was brought in to identify my typing based on past text I've written, they'll have the easiest job in the world (because I use brackets **all** the time).

Also what part of "race around this track for 24 _real_ _world_ hours" makes good game design?

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At the start of the pandemic I remember occasionally watching a stream where 4 guys did a 230-hour Gran Turismo 4 speedrun.
Wasn't interested in the game, the music, the chat or the players, but how it wasn't so much a speedrun as it was an interesting project to do while the pandemic was going on.

I wonder if someone would have tried to do the same with WoW or BDO if they knew the pandemic would still go on.

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I have a colleague who's had a 4 letter gibberish nickname since forever (over 20 years for sure now).
No one on the team knew why or where it came from and no one was bothered enough to ask.
One day at a conference we were all bored so I just plainly asked. He just said "look at your keyboard".

The keys were right next to each other.

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