RFC 3339 > ISO 8601
It just is what ISO 8601 should have been. Its much nicer to look at and parse.

Only thing worse for sleep than loud bass-heavy music is a variable amplitude and frequency sine wave at D#4 (~311 Hz).
Its highly isotropic so you can't even easily pin where it originates at low energies, but even if you did, nothing can be done.

There are 3 way to write an ISA:
First is to just listen to suggestions from companies and programmers and smooth the cost through economies of scale. Everyone's happy. That's Intel.
Second is to design it, but still think about special things some programmers might need. That's ARM.
Third is to design by committee, with implementation cost and elegance in mind. That's RISC-V.
So even if a fast and powerful RISC-V CPU appears it'll be held back by a Fisher-Price ISA. A cheap Intel will beat it.

Saw the Moon 2 days ago during the night. Hadn't seen/noticed it maybe over a year.
Its huge.

Gotta clean up electronics / tape residue / anything, take out the isopropyl alcohol.
<sniff> such a nice smell
Clean up. While sniffing fumes. And looking for excuses to use it more or spill some.
<sniff> that's the stuff
Done. Time to tidy up.
<sniff> you know I'll just keep the bottle out all the time <sniff>

Apparently those patches have cleared Apple Legal first, rather than any upstream, and they still might send the patches upstream.
But why are they sending these patches to handbrake at all? Because handbrake patches all of its upstream already anyway, so might as well shove everything we do there as well?

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Apple: we'll soon be sending patches to projects for Apple Silicon
Apple: fuck that, we'll submit everything to HandBrake, upstream can get fucked
Yes, that's a huge x265 patch. And a few misc dav1d and ffmpeg patches. That we haven't heard a thing about. That are only available in HandBrake.

It has taken more than a year but I can listen to the Yagate Kimi ni Naru soundtrack normally again! And not as Civ 5 background music. They fit far too well to ever be put together.
That's also how long its been since I last played Civ V 😶

Another quote from the chief engineer: "You can put fly-by-wire on the airplane, but is it going to buy you anything in terms of dispatch reliability? We have a very reliable flight control system on this airplane today. It doesn’t have problems.
Our friends in Toulouse like to talk about, they have a central maintenance computer. And I say, well that’s great, but you don’t need it if the plane never breaks down. It’s just a lead weight.".

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All modern planes except the 737 MAX have a normal fly-by-wire with adjustable levels of computer assistance. Why was a plane made with actual ropes running down the fuselage connecting components in this day and age?
Because Boeing never modernized the 50 year old 737. Because airlines didn't want to retrain their flight crew.
Even banks had to modernize their COBOL code to handle operations outside of business hours and instant transfers.
That airplane should be taken out of service IMO.

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Boeing 737 chief engineer: "We don’t need fly by wire"[1]. So they put an electrohydrolical augmented mechanical system. That can be turned off. And that has a mind of its own due to MCAS.
9 years later, flight ET302's MCAS went haywire. So the crew shut off the electromechanical system which also shut off the MCAS. Which made the trim adjustment stuck inoperable due to lack of assists. So they turned it back on hoping to fix it, and crashed.

Short biased review of the Mission Impossible movie series:
Mission Impossible: its nice
Mission Impossible II: Woo-tastic
Mission Impossible III: Meh, its bad, Die Hard 4 was a better MI movie than this
Ghost Protocol: "sehr gut", pronounced in a throaty way
Rogue Nation: Ilsa❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Fallout: Ilsa❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ she even has highlights now
<untitled sequel>: Who cares, Ilsa is confirmed❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Cursed though it may be, this USB A⇔A cable comes with a proper warning.

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ssh -J jumphost localhost -p <rev-port> # works for me

I want to always have a reverse connection active when I ssh into a machine in case I need to connect but have to go away and I don't have IPv6 (or its firewalled).
But I'm not happy putting my private key on the intermediate machine. I wish key forwarding was a thing.

Intel HD 530 (2014) - 3.1 Gpixels/s
Intel UHD 630 (2017) - 3.15 Gpixels/s
3 Generations in between.
No change in fillrate. Which is barely adequate to refresh a 4k screen at 60Hz.
I hate Intel. They make everyone suffer. I'm never buying a discrete GPU from them when they're holding back everyone because 3.1Gpixels/s is good enough to browse facebook lol. Never buying a CPU either.
To put things in perspective, Radeon HD 4000 series from 2008 all have 3x more fillrate, even the mobile.

When it comes to buying anything, if there are 2 lowest concentrations of price, e.g. 40 items that each cost 5 gold and 30 items that each cost 15 gold, go for the second cheapest. Its always your best bet. Just go for the second cheapest.
Especially when it comes to pillows. Just get the second cheapest. Even jails probably get the second cheapest, maybe even the 5th cheapest to prevent riots.
Only masochists would buy the cheapest possible pillow. Even those rice-filled jp pillows are better.

Every single non-rust person in multimedia who has done rust has a bitter distaste of the language, including myself.
Just throwing this out there.

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