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Usually you can expect a ~4x speedup for most SIMD code for floats with 128bit regs.
This is a 7x speedup. And no, the compiler wrote perfectly okay code.
Logic tells you this is impossible, after all you only do the same operation but on 4 values at the same time.
However, what's happening here is a matter of dependencies. And when every iteration is dependent on the previous one, redoing operations (necessary for this code to be SIMD'd) can save a lot of time. Math is cheap, IO is not.

Official name: M・A・O
Never been credited under anything other than Mao and that either.
Respect to her and her colleague, as someone who can relate.

Mao from Wakaba Girl is voiced by MAO. And calls herself Mao (third person) too.
I bet Mao had so much fun.

Just regular JPEG artifacts, but on Google Earth? And only on one camera too? Weird.

There's a project that rips laserdiscs with a mostly DIY player and SDR.
I want one for CDs. Archivists could one as well, since drives may sometime just give up on disc rot.

Meanwhile what's stopping Vulkan from being used in a video player (wth hardware decoding) or a wayland compositor on linux: the lack of support for the VK_EXT_external_memory_dma_buf extension.
Honestly, its been so long since it was spec'd but not even intel, not even google, who pushed so hard for it have implemented support for it.
You can't reasonably import foreign surfaces without it, which makes it pretty much pointless or a matter of luck to import (mpv, ffmpeg) anything.

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@natalie You can upload music with cover art if you mux it like this with ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i <cover> -i <audio> -c:v copy -disposition:v attached_pic -c:a copy -y <output>.mp4
This is technically a video with 1 frame but the disposition makes seeking and playing not break. I think only Pleroma doesn't display the cover art as it should.
Only jpeg/png/bmp+aac/opus/mp3 accepted, so adjust the -c:v/-c:a as necessary.

Could rsync _tell_ you its missing a destination AND tell you the source is valid?
I thought I downloaded something and ran rsync again to verify but I didn't specify a destination neither the first nor the second time. Now have to redownload.

Sanaaaa ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
She started as a receptionist at KONAMI in the late 90's and got lucky enough to be in pon'n and BEMANI.
Track 3 sounds exactly like something from S3&K.

I'm unable to get depressed. I may feel awful but once a couple of hours pass I feel normal and have a new plan.
I sometimes wish I was able to be depressed, maybe then I could stop, even if it catastrophically affects everything. Just so I won't have to anticipate another failure, another bout of feeling awful, and another plan that won't work.

There are more heist movies than actual heists, according to Wikipedia's lists on both. have put a big banner on their website asking to allow emails from that domain name to be received (for some like hotmail altogether, not just into a spam folder) for several large email hosters.
Because email hosters refuse to admit new domain names are trustworthy and are probably spam.
This is how the real world functions too. Everyone doesn't trust you by default and unless you have powerful connections you can't really change that. And the internet was meant to change that.

If you haven't read it I highly recommend reading "Their Story" by Tanjiu
Such a shame its being censored as of recent, but despite that its really cute.

Top-suspended monorails:
Wuppertal Schwebebahn: featured in some German movies no one's even hear of
Chiba monorail: was in the OreImo opening
Chiba monorail > Wuppertal Schwebebahn

Leaving Japan: stocking up with enough Pocari and making sure to have enough Suica charge to cover a ticket and a conbini trip for when you return.

Animal ears + human ears > just human ears > just animal ears

And yes, the person responsible for this track is also responsible for a lot of the Ridge Racer OST tracks(!).
Here's another one because Hiroshi Okubo is a god.

2015: this AAC encoder is awesome and totally going to be used everywhere given how libfdk's license is
2016: its going to happen, totally... maybe not
2017: I guess one or two weird people who stream from linux use it, meh
2018: a few more people started to use it, weird
2019: shit, its everywhere
If only working on it was somewhat interesting and it wasn't going to be replaced by opus when webrtc supersedes flv.

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So a big problem audio codecs have with artifacts comes from pre-echo where quantization causes some leakage in the time domain.
Codecs usually deal with this by detecting sharp transients in the signal and reducing the transform size, increasing time resolution.
Then there's Opus. Where you can alter per-frequency-band time and frequency resolution, as well as having traditional transient frames. Which is hard to search in an encoder because of coefficient leakage. Have to use heuristics.

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