I know arch tries to be minimal and all but not using a UTF-8 locale by default is just stupid.
That's what C.UTF-8 is for, and even Debian uses it by default.
tmux itself refuses to run on arch by default because of the crazy locale.

@lynne wasn't C.UTF-8 non-standard / a downstream patch / recent addition?

@Wolf480pl Not recent, Debian has used it for ages.
Yes, its non-standard, and it will be for a long time with arch's attitude. That also doesn't stop mpv from using it by default, along with a few other programs that want some sanity.
Fun fact: when mpv linked to libquvi, libquvi linked some Qt/KDE lib which set the locale to the user's default locale.
Causing fprintfs to print comma instead of dot as a float decimal point on some systems, completely breaking GLSL compilation.

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