2015: this AAC encoder is awesome and totally going to be used everywhere given how libfdk's license is
2016: its going to happen, totally... maybe not
2017: I guess one or two weird people who stream from linux use it, meh
2018: a few more people started to use it, weird
2019: shit, its everywhere
If only working on it was somewhat interesting and it wasn't going to be replaced by opus when webrtc supersedes flv.

Btw is Opus a better / more beautiful codec than AAC?

@Wolf480pl Like, yeah, by a lot. Could talk a lot about it. I've said it before, but you just can't write a bad encoder for it, unlike AAC.
One thing which is a major roadblock to writing good AAC encoders is that scalefactors (per-band energies) are delta-coded, and the difference between each can't exceed 120.
You'll have to assert on this, else you'll blow everyone's ears with noise.
So you'll have a ton of crashes trying to fudge/hack around this, and this always introduces distortion.

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