There are more heist movies than actual heists, according to Wikipedia's lists on both.

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@absturztaube Hulloo~~
Wish things were better for me, but I left Tokyo, along with the first 2 friends I made in many years and finally living a normal life for 2 weeks only to go back to a city of misery I've wanted to escape for 5 years now.

@lynne :blobcatsad: that... doesn't sound that good

:blobcatsadreach: me hope you'll be fine

@absturztaube Oh and I'm staying in a hotel for now with little clue what to do next because letting agencies and landlords very specifically look for renters called "Chris" or "Chad" who work/slave at Barclays/HSBC/KPMG and nothing else. Not even throwing money at them helps.
Some acquaintances are trying to help me but my situation is so complicated, and has always gotten worse over time, I've lost hope of ever living normally.

@absturztaube Seems like it. Although some movies maybe shouldn't be on the list (Inception mainly).
I actually saw nearly all movies from that list last year. Can recommend Logan Lucky and The Bank Job.

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