Twitch started messing up their timestamps even more about a month ago. Random ~30 second discontinuities.
Result: demuxers split incomplete packets and players break their state waiting for past segments.
No, ads aren't even being inserted. If they were, it wouldn't be so bad since a jump to PTS 0 is something players can cope with usually. No, they're not even signalling a discontinuity in the playlist.
This proves Twitch's engineers are high on bad acid or they outsourced some apes to do it.


Some more unintentional(?) happening because of that.
Oh and Twitch have been saying how they'll introduce VP9 for lower-quality transcodes of streams for 1.5 years now. Still not happening, despite them saying at demuxed this year it was almost done. Some people even believed its already used.
It would be bad quality anyway because it'll be FPGA-encoded, so probably worse than any hardware decoder.

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