Things Windows can do which Linux can't:
Download torrents with filenames longer than 255 chars.

What, were you expecting some snide comment? I had to boot up a Windows machine, something I hadn't done in a while for this, you know.

@lynne is this a problem with Linux, or just torrent software like transmission/aria2c/libtorrent/etc?

@Wolf480pl Linux/UNIX. The API limits filenames to 256 bytes.
On Windows, they're 256 characters, IIRC.
So you see how this is a problem with non-ascii filenames.

@lynne wait so what does ntfs-3g do if it finds a name longer than 256 bytes?

@Wolf480pl No idea. Probably wouldn't show them or return an error.

@lynne doesn't windows apply it's limit to the full path though?
@lynne it does (or did, I know they were testing higher values of MAX_PATH on win10 earlier)
the max path length is 259 characters by default

@ivesen I guess, its been half a year since I downloaded that file, and I remember downloading it to C:\ directly.
Still, characters != bytes.

@lynne yeah it's just that I'd expect the length of going through C:\users\lynne\downloads would negate the benefit in most cases :p
what kind of monster would create such a file anyway
@lynne Does the problem show up in the actual downloading or as soon as you add it? You can rename files in the torrent client before the download starts.

@brad With Transmission its when it tries to write the first chunk of the file, which is when it creates the file.
Transmission doesn't allow renaming of files.

@lynne I have renamed files in Transmission in the past. You just click the name a couple times like in a file manager. If you're using a transmission daemon or the web client it might not have the same features as the gtk client, I suppose.

@brad Yeah, I was using it as a daemon with a web interface at the time.

@lynne That makes sense then. Web interfaces tend to be pretty horrible in my experience. That's a big part of why I switched to Deluge. I can have a daemon running on my remote server and then use a proper gtk client and still connect to that daemon, so then I can rename files and open things from my browser but have them downloading remotely.
@brad @lynne how many torrents can deluge handle at a time? I've been using rtorrent for its decent handling of large numbers of torrents, but its interfaces aren't great (rutorrent is tricky and I often have some issue or other with it).
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