Apparently the reason why twitch inserts discontinuities into streams is to _intentionally_ make other players choke.
It's against their TOS to not use their JS player, since they can't play ads, so to force people they intentionally break HLS streams and fix them with their player, but other compliant players using the HLS feed directly will choke.
Way to go twitch 👏
They stopped their insane way of direct ad insertion because it chocked their own player so now they just choke all others.

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Also to top it all off, while they did their direct ad insertion they flagged ads with SCTE-35, a TV standard for signaling ads.
This is usually used only internally in broadcasting so local stations can insert their own ads into e.g. sport events.
Yet twitch did this for no good reason but stupidity. Users could just _not_ watch ad segments while waiting for the stream to start again. Or just mute them.
Just wow.

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