I once thought about what processor I'd like in my desktop if I timetravelled and got stuck in 1983: an x86 or a 68k.
As much as I like the 68k I can't live without x86's addressing. Its just so convenient, and free, since it gets run by the addressing unit (even nowadays lea is faster if your arithmetic units are busy).

@lynne You remember Quantum Leap and how he wanted to time travel within his own lifetime? What if he succeeded and got stuck as himself in middle school. You'd have to live your whole life again ... Sure you might make better decisions ... but you'd also kinda be in hell 😅

@slimeblob First time I've heard of that show, but I'll assume anyone sane fantasizing about timetravel supports the "bring yourself as you are along with your machine" rather than the "replace the consciousness of yourself".

Ok, but if you could have VAX in the same form factor?

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