Submitting a patch? No. Reading the code? Nope. Raising some suggestions? Of course not. Making a bug? No. Messaging the developers? Nope. Even mentioning it in a stray line on IRC? No.
Raising a mob on twitter? Convincing some mislead people the project's the worst thing in the world? Making the life of some poor time-starved dev in a bad situation even worse? Oh yes.
I even have some unfinished code to fix it, and now I don't even want to look at anything.
Fuck you too. You know who you are.

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@lynne this behavior is named "narcissism". It's toxic. Beware of this people.

@lynne what project is did this happen to? ffmpeg?

@wolf480pl Of course.
We have a shortage of developers, a huge backlog of patches that need lots of filtering since a lot are just corporate code dumps or insane.
Not to mention the specific problem about the quality of an encoder is something only a handful of people in the world can address, and there's only so much time in a day.

Damn... if it's the person I think it is... that rant looks like something I could've written as well, without thinking of consequences.
I'm glad I'm not as famous as that person.

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