@lynne dunno why, but it makes me feel like the time itself is falling apart...

Anyway, what codec is making those?

@wolf480pl All AAC encoders do that, and attempt to hide it with various degrees of failure.
The quantization system highly favours single tones per each band, which is why AAC does well with just sine waves (and Opus falls apart).
Which is great if you think all sine waves mask all other coefficients in a band, but that falls apart when you don't have a lot of bits and the sine waves are low amplitude.

@lynne AAC, I see...

How are these bands spaced? Is there one per octave or sth?

If I tried to encode a saw wave, how well would AAC deal with that?

@wolf480pl Depends. It would do pretty good if it correctly places transient frames and doesn't assume high frequencies are noise. So dependent on a good transient detector and bitrate.

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