Now that FFmpeg 4.3 has been released, how to crash any Intel GPU on Linux with a single line:
ffmpeg -init_hw_device "vulkan=vk:0" -f lavfi -i testsrc2 -filter_hw_device vk -vf hwupload,avgblur_vulkan -f null -

@wolf480pl Yup.
Takes around 15 seconds to recover IIRC, but everything's completely frozen during this time.

memory leak?
you can get a kernel freeze from running out of RAM too fast if I recall
@lynne @wolf480pl

@p @wolf480pl If you have any amount of swap, especially on an HDD.
That's why I never have any swap these days (and having 16Gb of RAM on a laptop helps).

@lynne oh, so it's not a full-blown GPU crash where you get a greenscreen until reboot?

@wolf480pl Intel spent a lot of time making sure their driver can recover from crashes, so I'm pretty sure it can recover from anything. Just takes a while and its annoying and you can't test your stuff.

@lynne I guess having all your buffers and textures and things in host memory lets you reset GPU without losing anything, right?

I don't know much about GPU drivers but I think it'd be hard to have an NVidia or AMD driver reset the GPU after crash without crashing all the clients (Xorg / wayland compositor + all OpenGL-using applications) in the process.

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