When it comes to buying anything, if there are 2 lowest concentrations of price, e.g. 40 items that each cost 5 gold and 30 items that each cost 15 gold, go for the second cheapest. Its always your best bet. Just go for the second cheapest.
Especially when it comes to pillows. Just get the second cheapest. Even jails probably get the second cheapest, maybe even the 5th cheapest to prevent riots.
Only masochists would buy the cheapest possible pillow. Even those rice-filled jp pillows are better.

@lynne what about RAM? do you never buy the cheapest RAM?

@lynne ok, but among all the different merchants selling ECC RAM of the same type, size, speed, etc. would you still pick the second cheapest?

Though I guess there will be a rather smooth spectrum of prices instead of a few large concentrations in that case...

@wolf480pl I think I'd go better than second cheapest.
You only go for second cheapest if you have to skimp and there's a cluster around that price and the quality isn't the same.

@lynne ok, but how do you even know the quality of ECC RAM?

Like, even after you buy it, it's hard to tell a difference between a piece of RAM that had no errors yet, and a piece of RAM that only pretends to be ECC, but isn't actually capable of detecting errors...

And before buying it, all you know is one merchant has more stock pictures in the offer description and a higher price than the other...

@wolf480pl I'd only look at the timings and how many RGB leds it has and whether its using a proprietary or generic LED protocol.

@lynne interesting...

I mean, I get it that LEDs are definitely cool, but is it just that, or are you also using them as a proxy for the overall quality?

@lynne tfw. nobody in Poland sells ECC DDR4 with RGB leds

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