I have 3 large Mozilla/Firefox posters (including one which says "We stand for the internet") that I've never put up anywhere.
I'm split between just putting them up now and watching them become ironic or waiting for them to become ironic, then put them up.

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@lynne Sadly I think these may have been made ironic a while ago since Mozilla can’t effectively stand against Chrome’s bullying of web standards while being dependent on Google Search revenue for operations.

@foxwitch Yeah, the Chrome people convinced everyone DRM was a necessary evil and the Mozilla people stood by in quiet support for it (to try to get as little flak as possible).
Another sad part is one of the Firefox posters says "Fast for good". Since the Servo team got the axe, I wouldn't be that surprised if Firefox switches to WebKit.
Regardless, Mozilla still did a lot for the world of patent-free and open source multimedia. Otherwise maybe AV1 would be a lot worse or entirely non-existent.

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