I joined the fediverse exactly 1 year ago now 🎂
Picking a small instance and hoping I'll fit in is something I kinda miss.
About 1.5 months later I had to jump servers because it shut down, but thankfully the migration feature landed just before I had to, so I carried over my 5 followers and 5 following users to what I thought at the time was a very shaky instance just brought up.
I do miss ichii and, hopefully he'll come back again one day.
Here's to more, hopefully 🍺

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@lynne I tried to run my own instance, but it's a bit lonely if it's a one person instance. I hope we can grow this one to be a nice small community with shared interests.

@Illya Its already much better with just 2 people instead of 1 :putincheers:
btw planning to move the instance to Hetzner in about a month or so when vultr needs another bill. 4 CPUs instead of 1 and 16gb of RAM instead of 2 so I'll enable full-text search then (and the site should get much faster too). used to be hosted on hetzner but I had a vultr account so I sort of stuck with it.

@lynne Oh, that sounds good! I'm with Hetzner for, I also do FFmpeg development on it quite nicely. I have the AX51, I think. I definitely recommend them as a provider.

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