Sometimes I'm embarrassed by how little Python I know, arguably the most popular programming language.
Why is that awful language so appealing? Having indentation be part of the syntax is one of the worst decisions made in history. And the biggest one by far is you can't verify your syntax is correct without running the code. Even Lua errors out on obviously wrong syntax.

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@lynne honestly the fact that you latch onto the syntax as your chief complaint says a lot here

You need to unlearn your desire to bikeshed and maybe you'll uncover the real problems with Python, which are numerous

@lynne I think python checks syntax during compile time. But otherwise it could fail, yeah.

I do a fair amount of work in javascript, and I run jshint and Flow type checker and they're really good. I tried to find some type checker which would work on python and everything I found put tons of red lines of existing python code. SAD!

@lynne I usually check python code for syntax error (and other useful things) with flake8 (or pyflakes3, if you don't want to be bothered with pep8 style details).

@lynne I don't think the syntax itself is the problem, not even the GIL. Personally I think it's how the only real implementation is CPython because how it's standard is so entangled with CPython implementation

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