Twitch has been messing with streams again and putting 15 second placeholder countdowns for ads. You know, so adblockers can't skip streams.

@lynne they've done ad-stitching server side before as well iirc
might've been a different website though

@ivesen I know all about that. First, they messed up the timestamps and signaled ads via SCTE-35 protocol. That's right, they signaled ad insertion so ad blockers were written in a day to cut the inserted segments off. Someone who works in broadcasting WTF'd because they were misusing a broadcast protocol on the internet that's traditionally used to signal regional cable providers to insert their own ads.
They stopped since this broke a lot. But during the 5 or so months they did it, they _never_ removed the SCTE-35 flag. That's incompetent.
Then, around November and until February, they did by far the most messed up thing by "tweaking" the timestamps. To prevent anyone else but their own player playing back a stream so ads would get played. On every stream. So normal, compliant players broke because what do you expect when the timestamps jumps up N seconds in the future and you think you've missed segments. Their player hacked around this.
Now it seems they're making a weird hybrid scheme to keep ads shown.

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