Projects who strongly recommend profile guided optimizations have lazy developers who don't know how to optimize properly.

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@lynne they don't teach optimization at university.
Also, do you mean profile-guided optimizations by the compiler, or by a developer who looks at the profiler output and the code and makes changes by hand?

@wolf480pl The compiler of course.
"Just run this the compiler can optimize the hot paths better".
That's definitely the job of a developer.

@lynne loop unrolling used to be the job of a developer, until compilers got good at it.

Do you think that mediocre developers are better at optimizing the hot paths than compilers?

@wolf480pl @lynne lynne you should probably know that Wolf is the kind of programmer who thinks Haskell is good

@sir @lynne
*good for some things.
It's obviously no good for writing device drivers.

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