"git archaeology"
Just heard this phrase and my mind got blown. Its true. Some projects are that old and migrated so well from SVN to Git that they have a clean and accurate history spanning 20 years, and I'm sure you could find some truly horrendous and/or nice stuff if you start digging deep in git blame. For swear words.
The age of digital archaeology is upon us.

@dredmorbius That proves my point, and says I'm even behind with the times 🙂

@lynne I came up with that kind of as a joke, though if you adopt an accretive model of technological progress --- the new is a larger onion wrapped around the old --- there's a certain sense that emerges from older tech and tools.

GUI toolkits especially divulge their origins and times. OSes and applications tend to be quite typecast.

Revision/source control also.

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