I know what most of the tar command line parameters do from memory and how to use it.
I can also do pretty much everything which ffmpeg.c is capable of doing, as long as hacks aren't being resorted to.
I think I've got a thing for complex command line interfaces.
Its simple interfaces like imagemagick/tragick with which I have to look at stuff, and that's only if I really have no choice but to use it instead of ffmpeg.

@lynne c-can we easily do video glitch with ffmpeg? I heard there is a glitch “codec” but it doesn’t work last time I tried it


@duponin ffmpeg -i <input> -c:v copy -bsf:v noise=amount=1 -c:a copy -y <output>
Produces the following (transcoded because I don't know how browsers/devices will handle streams with corrupt bitstreams).
There are more advanced things you can do like drop every I-frame, but I didn't bother with it. You can adjust the random bits flipped with the amount parameter.
Original is at youtube://Sqw4Q6t3Jls

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@duponin A day later and this still looks nice.

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