"So we have 32 runes, from El to Zod, 3xEl to get an Eld, 3xEld to get a Tir... 2xPul to get an Um... 2xCham to get a Zod. That's not a lot, like 240 Els would be enough for a Zod".
The answer is you'll need 3²⁰x2¹² = 14 281 868 906 496 El runes.
Assuming each transmute is 2 seconds, it would take 452 874 years to do it.
Yeah, just do Nihlathak runs. 1 488 365 would do. Cost you only about 172 days, assuming a run takes 10 seconds.
MMORPG players haven't got a clue about drop rate misery.

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