Waited a few days to cook fish and chips so the setup is perfect.
And I just found out I'm missing ketchup 😔
Or sauce.

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@mewmew I prefer tartar sauce. But I don't mind ketchup either, since I have a full bottle of lemon juice for the fish part of fish and chips already.

>ketchup with fish and chips
Where's the unfollow button?
It's mayonnaise… :sadcat:

@duponin @methyltheobromine Tartar/garlic sauce is the best.
I'm sorry for the ketchup part, I know it isn't the most appropriate, but it goes well with everything so when you don't cook as much its less of an investment rather than mayonnaise, which doesn't last as long when opened and its a pain to finish.
I'm going now, I'll get tartar sauce if I find a small enough bottle for no more than 3 or 4 meals, otherwise ketchup.

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