Confession time:
Strike one: I built a hybrid tube amp once. Less years ago than I'd like to think.
Strike two: I recorded the audio output from an old NEC PC with an OPL 3 chip, passing it through the tube amp. Specifically, the Doom music.
Strike three: I uploaded it to What.CD.

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"Vinyl rips are allowed and people use really fancy setups with those.". I lose logic after this.
The whole thing was powered from an 18 volt cordless drill battery. For stability and all. I used an LM317 to step down the voltage for the heater directly from the power rail. I think I ran the heater at 6 volts.
The chip got so hot to completely char the piece of fabric beneath (for insulation, was on top of the old PC case). How it didn't release the magic smoke is beyond me.

The 'RIP' was taken down shortly. The account didn't receive any warnings nor get any angry messages from mods.
As for the amp, it wasn't used at all, before or after. Never found a usable power supply for it, and running it all the time with a battery was impractical.
Also its left channel's phase was inverted. Couldn't figure out why. Can't remember if I knew before or after, and I do remember using Audacity, so it may have been inverted in software.
'I' was not a smart person. I can't detect even the slightest bit of intelligence, thought, rationality or irrationality backed by intuition from that person. So I can't have been involved in
this catastrophe, which may or may not have happened as its lost to history.

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