- "Let's send humans to Mars!"
- "To sustain a single human on the way there will require a stupid amount of resources!"
- "Let's send humans to Mars!"
- "The radiation humans get just during the journey will decrease their remaining life to 20 years, tops!"
- "Let's send humans to Mars!"
- "After just the journey there you'll have a group of limp powerless borderline-crazy humans!"
- "Let's send humans to Mars!"
- "The power equipment required to heat up enough space for a human will require a second spaceship!"
- "Let's send humans to Mars!"
- "And let them eat the soil there?"
- "Let's send humans to Mars!"
- "You can't sustain them, you can't even bring them back without a pointlessly massive investment!"
- "Let's send humans to Mars!"
- It'll be the biggest televised suicide/murder, with a half-life of barely 15 minutes before someone suggests to send another group there!"
- "Let's send humans to Mars!"
- "There's nothing on Mars. At all."
- "Let's send humans to Mars!"

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- "But we have to know what's there! And we need dexterity and adaptability to setup operations to start mining its resources!"
- "Send robots instead."
- "But won't it be sad to learn humans as a species haven't conquered even a single other planet."
- "Send robots instead."
- "But aliens will be laughing at us if they ever learn this!"
- "The aliens are all robots. Send robots instead."
- "But we don't have the technology!"

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Alternatively, the Contact (1997) version of this:
- "Let's go to Mars!"
- "Does Mars believe in God?"
- "Lets find out what's on Mars!"
- "God isn't on Mars."
- "Let's mine Mars!"
- "The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights."
- "Let's meet aliens!"
- "Do the aliens believe in God?"

I'm glad we have bigger things to worry about nowadays than "We don't even know if these aliens believe in God". That's a genuine line from the movie. What a shame, why can't we have a nice movie about a stoner being entrusted to meet aliens.

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@lynne you know that achievement in HL2:EP2 where you need to carry a gnome using gravity gun through the entire game, and then pit it inside a rocket?

@wolf480pl Yes. I liked that one.
But I hate the "Get some grub" more. Where the hell are the last few grubs I'm always missing?

@lynne was the gnome achievement efficient? Did it make sense? Or did it take a disproportionately large amount of effort just for the sake of challenge and ticking a box?

@wolf480pl Actually no. The only had part was figuring out how to store it in the car, and picking it up if it fell. It was mostly just tedious.
No satisfaction from watching the popup indicate its done. Especially not since you get it at the end of the game rather than when you put the Gnome in.
On the other hand the single bullet achievement on Hard in EP1 was something else.

@lynne wow, the single bullet one is impressive indeed.

And even better an example of doing something in an inefficient way for the sake of a challenge.

I haven't tried it myself, but as far as I understand, it changes the gameplay completely, requiring you to learn new skills, and is a pretty inefficient way to complete the game, but you still do it for the challenge, right?

I think putting humans on Mars is a similar type of challenge.

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