tasvideos do all of their main encodings in H.264 10-bit YUV444 variable frame rate with Opus.
In mkv, but we can ignore that, they know what they're doing. And their website is HTTP-only, but we can ignore that too.

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@phoenix In order of preference:
Matroska but with more precise timestamp resolution. 1 microsecond is perfect.
Standard ISOBMFF (base MP4 without magic NLE) because it has more precise timestamps. Good enough unless subtitles are involved.
Ordinary Matroska. What they already use. Meh. For high refresh rate its hopeless. You can get 240hz screens these days (I think). The jitter is substantial when you have 1ms timestamps.

Ugh, I should really get our Matroska maintainer to resubmit his time resolution patches, they've been sitting for 2.5 years on the mailing list.

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