I hadn't see the 2017 Ghost in the Shell movie since it got released.
It was okay. The direction is exactly what I imagine Mamoru Oshii's would be if he were directing a live action movie.
Was somewhat short though, I think way too much tape was left on the cutting room floor.
I don't mind the story being different from others, its what GitS does.
The actors were all well cast except for Batou. I dislike how they modified his voice on occasions. Scarlett Johannson as Major was okay after it grew on me, though I still think someone else would have done a better job. Her voice just doesn't fit.
I do think her role was written as far more human than it should have been. Like breathing. Even if your brain is disappointingly organic it doesn't need that much air. But you don't need air when you dive?
Overall in between okay to meh/10.

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Scarlett Johannson in the shot which justified me watching it.

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@lynne sounds like a decent reason I suppose.

I do wonder if the actress understands that she is suppoused to be a "ordinary" looking andriod female?
thats probably painful for someone so famous

@LoliKing She pulled off the "ordinary" part in the scenes where she's off work well enough. It isn't difficult, put on a dark jacket, jeans, look down slightly depressed and you're good to go. Her voice fits those parts perfectly, just not the emotionless weapon she is at the start.
Honestly though, with actors, a good director and a script can compensate for a bad actor just as much as a good actor can compensate for bad direction and writing if given some freedom.

@lynne ive watched it closer to release, my opinion was it was a great scifi and would be a movie with showing to others if it never claimed to be ghost in the shell.

I suppose it overcame the curse of a live action with its direction, acting and some stunning scenes but in the end was only brought down by attempting to emulate anime...

just biased I suppose :akkoshrug:

@lynne with showing to others ... fuckin goddamn it

worth showing to others*

pretend I am not an ape sorry

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