If someone has a link to a rip of the second season I'd appreciate it.
I'm completely unable to find anything but 2 episodes up, and that's after resorting to rutracker.

Don't know if that's custom prop or not, but I want it.

Oh, the credits were likely a spoof of the infamous "Mission Accomplished" slogan.
Never noticed that.

@junebstaba "Note from Encoder: Contains all extras and commentaries included in the discs"
Oh, yes, thanks, that's even better.

@lynne reminds me a bit of the studio rack we got in the living room (a little messy and not fully populated yet but that’s coming soon)

needs more analog VU meters though, obviously

@lynne i remember my grandparents had something that looked a lot like what you posted, including the record player on top (those systems were quite popular in the 80s/90s), so yeah it might actually exist

@mia @lynne my dad had a really similar system too, a pioneer tho


I fucking knew I recognized the lounge.

I love Danger 5.


Silver is/was a real company.

It must have been real!


*Sorry for the YT link. I use an invidious redirector, but I don't trust any one instance*

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