How to make me hate you:
"Do you have a call sign?"
"Yes, I do, I got my ham license when I was 9 years old, I love ham radio so much I have a tattoo, I think we serve an important public service and deserve to have ALL of the radio spectrum dedicated just to us, I want to keep our spectrum clean, so gatekeeping is perfectly fine, I think we should restrict the sale of radio broadcasting equipment, nothing makes me angrier than devices that radiate radiowaves, I hate microwaves so much but I hate plebs more, so fuck off, here's 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, we don't care about shitty water-absorbent frequencies, we only care about our own frequencies, don't impeach on my frequencies or my neighbour's frequencies or my neighbour's dog's frequencies (he's called Tom, he's so cute, he barked the answers to the exam and got his license) frequencies or I WILL CALL THE RADIOVAN AND SEND YOU OFF TO PRISON WHERE ALL OF YOU PLEBS BELONG DON'T TAKE MY SPECTRUM AWAY."

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@lynne damn, I wish "Fanatyk (2017)" had an English version, so I could recommend it to you...

cause this sounds very similar to how "Polish Fishing Association" is portrayed in the movie

@wolf480pl All such associations are the same. It's conservatism incarnate. Gatekeeping? "We're only keeping our culture alive!". Their culture of talking about how their wives aren't in the kitchen and to triangulate and report someone who attached a 30m antenna to a Raspberry Pi GPIO pin to participate in that exchange mesh network protocol.

I just want them to enforce the law on importing all these damn cheap chinese switching power supplies that make every band below 30MHz useless. 🙁

If people want to experiment with hacks and SDR trickery, more power to'em.

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