I can see this getting used in clothing. Barely a few watts is a reasonable consumption given the battery sizes getting made these days.
Looks much softer than EL wire too.
Wish they made different colors other than this awful "warm white". Then our blue-tinted cyberpunk future would be assured.

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"The LED filament is composed of a metal strip with series of LEDs aligned along it. A transparent substrate, usually made from glass or sapphire materials is used to cover the LED’s. This transparency allows the emitted light to disperse evenly and uniformly without any interference or light loss.

The LED’s on the filament strip actually emit a blue coloured light so an even coating of phosphor in a silicone resin binder material is placed over the glass to convert the blue light generated by the LEDs into a more preferable colour. Different phosphor colours can be used to change the colour of the light. For example, the more yellow the phosphor, the more yellow and warm the light becomes. This is how the the different colour temperatures are created. "

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