Respect for the costume actors. To create such planned out smooth movements while wearing bulky and hot costumes must be difficult. This definitely looks like stage acting experience rather than something filmed.

"I must have caught something on the train. Either syphilis, or maybe that handle was laced with LSD".

"Sauron? What are you doing here in a sentai?"
"W-well, Middle Earth was kinda like a super sentai, or at least my part was, only my big robot didn't move or fight another big robot, so I thought I'd try my luck here too, maybe have some fun, you know?"

Okay, next episode's story is a monster whose attack is to put wigs on everyone's heads, with a chicken nest on top, with a chick, which if it dies also kills the owner...

I'm pretty sure weed and drugs in general are like super duper hyper illegal in Japan, even legally, so what the hell were they on? Paint thinners? Mushrooms?

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