I miss how old BIOS machines felt.
With UEFI, you really get the feeling there's something underneath, slightly slowing everything down and doing unnecessary things.
BIOSes just felt a lot closer to the machine, written in mostly pure assembly, minimizing code space as much as possible to save on ROM.

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@lynne but afaik uefi isn't really running after the bootloader has started... or?

@uint8_t "Kind of". UEFI always runs in the background, even after bootup, unless the OS asks it to not run.
Linux will stop it. Just not sure about GRUB or systemd-boot.

I just miss the feel of the menu, and the predictable booting speed.

@lynne @uint8_t i would love something like openboot (eg: sun station and mac)

yes there's coreboot, but I never seen/experimented it.

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