There's a 100% effective COVID-19 vaccine and a cure combined that's extremely cheap to mass-produce (1 basement guy could supply an entire continent) and has no patent.

Downside is, it's LSD, and in particular the exact stereoisomers that makes you trip. And the dose required is so massive you'll be tripping for pretty much a day and be out for 2 days.

I would LOVE to see how lawmakers try to restrain their inner Richard Nixon, segfault, lie about getting vaccinated, passive-aggressively suggest research medicine these days is filled with drug abusers, secretly take LSD but in public be like Richard Nixon on steroids, never give authorization for it despite the insistence of the medical community and hope there's a hyperexpensive non-hippy-trippy solution that's under patent by the only large pharmaceutical company to embrace their inner Richard Nixon and reject production of LSD.

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