I sometimes do random searches in youtube to give it a mild existential crisis 

"Eh, '$topic'? Is this trending or something? Did some Kpop singer say that on twitter today? No? Okay, you must have searched for this before or heard it somewhere before, right? I don't see anything?!? Okay, are there related videos on this topic? I don't see much... okay, this shouldn't be hard, I am master of the internet, I know all, let's see... a Web 2.0 website last updated in 1999!?! It's not even referenced anywhere? How did you find it? You've never had interest in this topic before! Did you mash random buttons or something? No? Oh, hold on, hold on, is this some sort of inside joke? Maybe it's an inside joke. Must be an inside joke. From some sort of scheming right-wing community, right? I have to politically and factually correct you, don't I? Wait, no related results there either? But I MUST give you something, are any of the words anagrams maybe? Some conspiracy theory? What's the time... HOLY SHIT 1 SECOND, I'M FIRED, HERE'S NO RESULTS."

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