Speaking of Evangelion, 3.33's JP Blu-Ray release is a native 24.000 FPS.
Just think it's interesting, and I'm really strongly thinking it was Anno Hideaki's artistic decision.
Or maybe since it's a movie which was never going to be broadcasted on TV, they felt that they could get away with mastering it at 24.000 FPS and have <someone else> deal with telecining.

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@lynne Seems weird to me. If there's any type of video that needs high frame rate its Anime. 2d pans at 24 fps is rough.

@musou Blame cinema's obsession with 24fps. Ever since digital hit the market, cameras have been able to deal with 60fps.
TV movies (e.g. movies which are only meant to be viewed on TV) are usually shot in whatever the native country's video standard is, so if you find some you want to watch, make sure to get raw, interlaced versions. It's interlaced, but you can deinterlace it to get 60fps, and it looks pretty nice.

I'd love to watch The Hobbit in 48fps, but despite 4K BDs supporting this, they didn't use it.

@lynne I thought interlacing was a long thing of the past. That's interesting though.

Ironic about The Hobbit considering the amount of effort and hype for HFR at the time. Its like they got burnt from the haters so the industry just dropped it.

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