I'm playing CrossCode right now.
Owned it for a few years, but since Chromium had broken DS4 support, couldn't play it. Chromium/nwjs works fine now, so I'm able to play it.

It's fun. Does recreate the questing-in-an-MMORPG atmosphere to a decent extent.

Combat is pretty good, thought it does descend into a clusterfuck often. Extra bonus points++ for NOT making it turn based. I swear, the FF series ruined any and all RPGs with turn-based piles of boredom.

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@lynne Lea is also an amazing protagonist and an example of the emotive power of character sprites and very limited dialogue.

I mean, Hi!

@hierarchon Emily is a smug asshole. I can't talk and tell her "yes, you won, NOW STFU", so she keeps gloating on and on about how she beat the mine just ahead of me. And the tutorial dungeon. And she'll totally repeat this every time.
I could spend 40 minutes to redo the level just to get her away, but what's the point? I'd still hate her all the same.

Next time I'm not doing a dungeon with her. I'll try to not join her lame guild either. Not inviting her to level up either. She still has ancient equipment and levels too. She wants to gloat? How about a PvP? I could beat her with just the hidden equipment I got for not rushing it.

The dialogue isn't great, but could they just NOT?

@lynne huh, I actually really liked Emilie, despite the fact that I also lost every single dungeon race

I *did* redo the PvP fights until I won them though.

@hierarchon It seems I can't even *not* join her lame guild. I can't even go to the second town without doing the quiz.

Her personality right now can be summed up with 2 words "absolutely insufferable".
It could only get better, because there aren't too many ways it could get worse, but it's not looking good right now.

The only reason she's with me is because I couldn't talk during the tutorial, anyone else and she'd be alone. I hope she realizes that eventually.

I'm going to bed with zero sense of accomplishment for beating all those puzzles. That's really not what a game like this ought to be like.

@lynne It really does sound like your experience of the game is just... dramatically opposite what I had then. :/

@hierarchon Just finished the ice element desert dungeon.
I can't hate Emilie that much anymore, she finally realized the MC can't talk and felt bad about it. She can keep winning the dungeon races, I don't care. Invulnerable mobs you can't hit without the environment scare me. Invulnerable bosses you can't hit without the environment are my worst nightmare.

Second dungeon (and the sandsharks) was just waaay too meme-y for my taste, wanted it to end halfway. The parkour overworld levels were top-notch though and made up for it.
New guy was okay.

@lynne My worst video game nightmare is stuff that keeps happening even if you pause the game (in games where pausing normally stops the world; it's fine in something like Dark Souls, personally).

There's something I do hope you get to but it's a massive spoiler so I'll just leave it at that.

@hierarchon Yeah, the timer keeps ticking even when paused.
Worse, if you fail a mission like protect-the-thing-for-2-minutes, your consumables are not reset. Took me a few wasted chef sandwiches to figure that out the hard way.

I'm trying to play as close as possible to 100% without reading any manuals, so hopefully I do get whatever I should get along the way. Plus, game keeps dropping some interesting hints, I can't skip out on details now when I'm so invested.

@lynne liked the combat, didn't like all the puzzles and fetching.

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