I should try emacs.
I know.

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@lynne if you are used to Vim, Doom Emacs is a really good starting point
Using it since September 2020 and I love it

@duponin that's really a bad advice.

You should use the editor the way it has been designed, keyboard mapping is a bit of an extension of the paradigm.

I did a 2 or 3hours focused learning on emacs last year, got pretty decent after few days but at the end, nothing that I couldn't do with vim.
ORGmode is over-hyped, also.


@hicks @duponin @lynne this would be a cool advice, except emacs was designed with a totally different kinda of terminal in mind from what you have. Take a look at Space Cadet and then at your QWERTY keyboard. See the difference?
@newt @hicks @duponin @lynne vim has the same issue. It was designed for the ADM-3A where the escape key is much close to the typing area. A lot of people that use vim bind the escape key to capslock or tab for this reason.

@newt I have replaced caps-lock with ctrl. ctrl:nocaps on x11
ESC position is not an issue to me.

@SuperDicq @lynne @duponin

@lynne only thing tempting me is stuff like org-mode but vim already has a plugin for that
@lain_os @lynne you dont try emacs, you convert to the Church of Emacs
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