You know how you can tell scientists apart by the nomenclature, notation and idiosyncrasies they have?

I dare someone to tell me where I came from, because I sure as hell have no clue - I call the natural log `log(arithm) naturalis`. I don't recall any of my professors calling it this at all, nor any of my teachers, or any of the books or reports I've read.

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@lynne when im finished in the bathroom i take a picture of the natural logs

@lynne That would be totally clear for me — and would indicate (correctly or wrongly :-) ) that you have either a french or latin background or spent much time immersed in discussion circles. There is a colleague at work I’d expect to use log naturalis, too, because that’s part of a school of elaborated thought that matches.

And likely I’m tolally mischaracterizing you, because not even scientists can tell scientists by their wording :-)

@ArneBab Huh, didn't know the French called it like that too. Thinking back, my particle physics prof was french, but I myself only know a few french words.

I think the latin theory makes more sense, maybe I read something when I was young and it got imprinted, but I forgot the source.

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