Amateras Records - Purely
Amateras are a solid and well known circle. They're less house-orientated than Alstroemeria but they'll occasionally do something like this.

This is not a healthy battery. In fact I'm pretty sure that's hydrogen gas under the foil.
If I were to board a plane with it I think I wouldn't get away easily if it were discovered or went off.

Picture one represents the full spectrum of a 37 second DSD128 file converted to PCM with a samplerate of 705600 Hz. Average bitrate for that file is 11.5 Mbps.
Picture two represents a more detailed view of the same file's spectrum in the audible domain.
What we observe is a sharp cutoff at 24Khz, suggesting a typical 48Khz master was used to create these files, with a typical bitrate of ~2.3Mbps. With the process not being lossless, some amount of resampling error is present.
DSD is very shit.

全自動少女 - モダンガアル街を往く。
Made of a few members of the <echo> project circle they released one great album in 2012, then failed to get a seat at an event IIRC and released one already-made song on their soundcloud before splitting.

Found some more unintentional .
I think this one had to do with a botched shift from 8bit to signed 16bit. And some sort of chroma desync too.

Left: using embedded ICC profile
Right: not using the embedded ICC profile and assuming its sRGB.
Yes, they can appear in JPEG (rarely), PNG (often), TIFF (very often), WEBP (never, don't use webp), JPEG2000 (aliens), mov/mp4 (never). They can do anything to the colors.
If you want proper, reproducible colors use a player that supports using both an embedded ICC profile and a display-specific profile, like mpv. And I don't think any other viewer/player supports such. But editors like gimp do.

Things that are in my .zshrc but should be the default in every POSIX-compliant shell ever: fsgrep "*.h" "string"
Searches recursively through all subdirectories for files matching the pattern, then searches the files for a given string and reports where it found it and in which lines.

The Revenant from Doom 3 has IMO the best monster design out of any game or other I've seen.
You can create as many variations of a medieval dragon as you'd like but in the end it'll still be a boring old dragon. Or you can copy trolls and make them as big as you'd like but they'll still be a cyberdemon.
The Revenant is a rocket-backpack-laucher wielding skeleton with a semi-translucent skin that makes terrifying growls and has a very damaging claw attack. That's originality you don't see often.

Sound Online - 春暁ストライド
Okay albums with a few hits, impressive cover art.

36C3's livestreams! Are VP9!!! With Opus audio!!!.
I've never ever seen a VP9 livestream before, not even from google nor twitch nor anyone!
Huge credits to the 36C3's streaming team.
Their dash stream is buggy though, as expected of dash, their webm fallback stream is better.

Some more unintentional(?) happening because of that.
Oh and Twitch have been saying how they'll introduce VP9 for lower-quality transcodes of streams for 1.5 years now. Still not happening, despite them saying at demuxed this year it was almost done. Some people even believed its already used.
It would be bad quality anyway because it'll be FPGA-encoded, so probably worse than any hardware decoder.

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Twitch started messing up their timestamps even more about a month ago. Random ~30 second discontinuities.
Result: demuxers split incomplete packets and players break their state waiting for past segments.
No, ads aren't even being inserted. If they were, it wouldn't be so bad since a jump to PTS 0 is something players can cope with usually. No, they're not even signalling a discontinuity in the playlist.
This proves Twitch's engineers are high on bad acid or they outsourced some apes to do it.

Official name: M・A・O
Never been credited under anything other than Mao and that either.
Respect to her and her colleague, as someone who can relate.

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