Official name: M・A・O
Never been credited under anything other than Mao and that either.
Respect to her and her colleague, as someone who can relate.

Mao from Wakaba Girl is voiced by MAO. And calls herself Mao (third person) too.
I bet Mao had so much fun.

Just regular JPEG artifacts, but on Google Earth? And only on one camera too? Weird.

Leaving Japan: stocking up with enough Pocari and making sure to have enough Suica charge to cover a ticket and a conbini trip for when you return.

And yes, the person responsible for this track is also responsible for a lot of the Ridge Racer OST tracks(!).
Here's another one because Hiroshi Okubo is a god.

Sucks I didn't get to present this but oh well, maybe some other time. Going to post the title page anyway.
I really hate all renting agents.
Can't really present it elsewhere because its really technical, and not even demuxed people are that technical (unless its about live ad insertion in DASH OTT streaming, so they're completely useless). FOSDEM people are borderline comatose at best and really not technical.
You can always admire the code though, in libavutil/tx_template.c

Marginally related, Diverse System's AD: HOUSE series are my favorite as far as doujin things go, though they're pretty much an indie label that happens to go to M3 and Comiket and organizes joint albums like these.
Yes, that's cover art by Mika Pikazo. Yes, I own all AD: HOUSE albums, some still unwrapped because I bought them on bandcamp too. And the artbook. And tshirts which I won't wear like ever. And clear folders which weren't even sold!
Yes, that's the classiest house music made.

SWING HOLIC - 春のざわめき
They do jazz and occasionally big band. Comfy to listen to.

Hatsunetsumiko's (発熱巫女~ず) - Blooming Nights.
Consistently making good albums and still active. Some tolerable engrish. DANCE with WOLVES is more upbeat and groovy but not in the mood for it now.

The is 1.5TB of music by 1.5k circles with almost 10k albums. Dive into it searching for good music and you'll find some gems. Will be posting some occasionally under this tag.
This is Attrielectrock - Well [ATTRi mix]. They made 2 extremely good albums like this and 1 cafe-themed that I think are worth a listen.

The Firefox ESNI browsing experience. Apparently not 100% of cloudflare supports ESNI, so occasionally you'll get this error for a few attempts.
Can ESNI be RFC'd like right now? ktnx

Usually you can expect a ~4x speedup for most SIMD code for floats with 128bit regs.
This is a 7x speedup. And no, the compiler wrote perfectly okay code.
Logic tells you this is impossible, after all you only do the same operation but on 4 values at the same time.
However, what's happening here is a matter of dependencies. And when every iteration is dependent on the previous one, redoing operations (necessary for this code to be SIMD'd) can save a lot of time. Math is cheap, IO is not.

"entire window is mirrored vertically with gfx.webrender.enabled=true on arm64 wayland libmali"
While this could be a bug in Firefox, its probably a driver bug.
And its really funny. How do you even get this wrong.

Radio Happy -Progressive House Remix-, in AV1+Opus. Size: 8M. Encoding time: 5h.


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