"I just wish they themselves realize that their existence and survival is an impossibility."

Monochrome AV1 with a desync.
I should make a bigger version and use it as a wallpaper.

I can still remember the time both browsers used this style, but then they changed it for the full-width one because of pig-fingered touchscreen users.
Looked how to get it back but they disabled that.
It took them _this_ long to find out people still use a keyboard.
I hate browsers.

Split off the coefficients into bands. 64x64 blocks, so 12 bands, as shown in pic 2. In the video I enable 1 band per second. I should probably merge the last 3 bands.
Next stop: gain quantization and gain->K mapping.

Basic PVQ implemented.
Same image, same target compression, lapping enabled.
Milestone achieved: beat JPEG.

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Started working on FFV2 again. Experimenting with lapped DCTs. Scalar quantization.
Image 1: No lapping (basically JPEG)
Image 2: Lapped DCTs (32-point lapping, 64x64 blocks)
Image 3: Image before delapping
Next stop is experimenting with some PVQ ideas I've had

Fun fact: Diablo 2 had A3D (Aureal 3D) support. Yes, not EAX support, just A3D, who were dead 2 months after the game was released. LoD kept the support despite being released almost a year after the company went defunct. The latest patch still keeps support for it, along with the Glide API.
I've actually played it with an A3D wrapper for EAX, and it just added reverb when you were in the caves, and I think the rain was more audible (yes D2 has rain, it even has a day/night cycle).

This is av1's ref frame signalling structure.
All of this could have been solved in a much more efficient and flexible way by simply signalling 2 indices.
Not shown: the "Private and confidential" sign Google put on all their slides. I may have accidentally cropped it out.

Oh wow if you press tab on a completed unzip command it'll print out the contents of the archive! In your terminal! Without you having to remember what the list command you never use was or looking at the manual!
Only works on .zip, not on .rar, .tar or .7z.
Yes, I found this out by accident.

Amateras Records - Purely
Amateras are a solid and well known circle. They're less house-orientated than Alstroemeria but they'll occasionally do something like this.

This is not a healthy battery. In fact I'm pretty sure that's hydrogen gas under the foil.
If I were to board a plane with it I think I wouldn't get away easily if it were discovered or went off.

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