A miserable little pile of secrets.
But enough talk... Have at you!

Okay, next episode's story is a monster whose attack is to put wigs on everyone's heads, with a chicken nest on top, with a chick, which if it dies also kills the owner...

I'm pretty sure weed and drugs in general are like super duper hyper illegal in Japan, even legally, so what the hell were they on? Paint thinners? Mushrooms?

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That's a lot of code. But I think it's possible to do in less than 17 instructions, and with minimal shuffles. I sure hope everything aligns well for vaddsubps.

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This truly is the final boss. 16-point FFT with a hard instruction target.

Except I'm also doing a 32-point and the world's weirdest 64-point afterwards, but the former doesn't seem hard, and the latter sounds like a heckin' fun time!

"Sauron? What are you doing here in a sentai?"
"W-well, Middle Earth was kinda like a super sentai, or at least my part was, only my big robot didn't move or fight another big robot, so I thought I'd try my luck here too, maybe have some fun, you know?"

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SIMDing the 4-point FFT.
There's literally only so few things to improve on. Not doing 2 at the same time is also a complete loss of cycles.

Will work more on this tomorrow. Really hope I can avoid an xor [mem], I'd take the extra shuffles if it means I can use addsub.

"I must have caught something on the train. Either syphilis, or maybe that handle was laced with LSD".

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No, I can't lend you my copy of one of the best books ever written, a book which helped shape the modern world and the attitudes within it, a book which 'The Observer' regards as the greatest satirical work in the English language, because the terms and conditions are more locked down than those of DRM'd software.

This truly is Catch-22.

Ripped this as well.
Best nanahira album I've heard in a while. I think camellia has just ran out of ideas.

Decided to rip this album. Bought it because track 4's title "Astronomical Optical Interferometry" speaks to me.
Beautiful CD art.
Front cover was actually an insert that had an apology and a download code for the proper master of track 6 without noise.
I feel bad for the author. All this work and effort and then this happens and you have to deal with it...

Weird ad.
Had no idea Worms was released in 97 for the Saturn.
Of course Silhouette Mirage got its quarter-page feature. But not Nights into Dreams.

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Bought this on a whim when I went to Japan last time.

I've never been _that_ found out by Wikipedia.

I give up. These are the only indices needed to in-place permute a to-be-FFT'd array of length 64. nums2 is just a different way of writing nums1 due to the permutes being, well, symmetrical.

And there's no correlation at all that I can see.

I could abort from the chained ordering loops early, but I don't really want to because it would be slower.
Grr, really wanted to have *some* sort of structure. I'd buy an XORable register to filter out what I don't need, I'm not too picky.

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