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Niklas Haas is a cool guy and without discussing each other's changes in both libplacebo and FFmpeg, both projects' API would look quite different and would be incompatible. Which is what no one wants, as Vulkan usage in FOSS multimedia is still in development. Having incompatibilities between the 2 libraries would severely hamper their future use, especially with Vulkan's upcoming video encoding/decoding code, which will depend on the work I've done.
But I'm still the one who's done all the work and code. What Niklas is working on right now is a libplacebo filter, which would be his first major contribution to the project. And its dependent on my work and code I've already written, the changes I'm making is to make it easier and more efficient.
All work I've done on FFmpeg's Vulkan code has been in my own spare time, so I think the least I could get is proper credit, please?.

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Honestly, is this comic relief? Because it doesn't feel like comic relief. Because all other comic relief in media I can remember fails to make me even break so much as a smile.
Yet these absolutely adorable tanks make me smile without putting an effort to appear fun.
Here they're discussing cyber augmentation in a completely natural way. They're even making a reference to Luddites, a 19th century movement among textile workers at the time protesting against the use of machines. And no, its not the subtitles, they're accurate.

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Motoko Kusanagi is the best but...
I've forgotten how good the Tachikoma corps were.

"on the green side of the gray area" is the most tactful way I've thought of to refer to undefined behavior
Also this is the most atrocious looking kerning I've ever seen and now I can't unsee it.

Image with FFmpeg *without destroying detail*.
1.) Use the nlmeans filter. No, don't even look at hqdn3d unless you want a blurry mess.
2.) Crop out small parts of the image containing noise for testing (nlmeans can be very slow). 640x640 is okay.
3.) Check if you have noise in your chroma via the extractplanes filter.
4.) Set the strength to 2 for heavy noise and 1 for light noise. Higher strengths usually result in detail loss and oil paintings.
5.) Tune the patch parameter. This is your noise period. Get the period wrong and you'll be filtering in the wrong frequencies. If you have noise in your chroma as well, set the `pc` and `rc` options. If your chroma is subsampled, start from half your luma patch size.
6.) Bump up the research window. This is your quality parameter. Higher is generally better.

Why have random unicode corruption or NULL when you can have zalgotext?

Scarlett Johannson in the shot which justified me watching it.

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This was fun to debug. At 05:00 in the morning. With the params coming from code I never want to review or see again.

The sets used for Minas Tirith in the LOTR movies look good.
However, I can't say why but they look fake and empty to me. Far too clean and sterile with random items thrown in to try and make it believable. Nothing is worn in to make an impression people have lived there for thousands of years. Not even the slightest bit of wear on the roads.
Maybe normal cities would too look fake if cleaned.

Anyone with opinions on what's a really good representation of a typical city in a fantasy movie?

How to instantly recognize any 2000's movie: low framerate scenes like this clip from LOTR.
So glad this died out.

Neither GCC nor Clang actually SIMD'd this incredibly trivial loop no matter how I phrased it.
But any way you look at it, I shouldn't need to do this, why is PA so idiotic?

Almost tempted to leave this in as-is, in the words of a wise person, "My general opinion about [big endian] computers is that you should get a better computer, you can get one for free from any garbage dump."

She's cute, knows it, and doesn't care. She's the punkest witch I've seen.
And my spell checker agrees since it didn't mark "punkest" as incorrect or unrecognized :haruhi_bang: !

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Nice logging infra and colors make even trace-level logs nice to look at.

They're not exactly equivalent expressions but they sound similar. And the latter is definitely great as far as expressions go, but I haven't found an opportunity to use it yet.

Also Heke and Lala are cute.

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So they're talking in Japanese and writing in English with a NIH alphabet. Right.
The subtitles are also wrong, it says "Youre the witch who was dispatched from tha [sic] United Magic Association, right?".

I have surpassed mild railway curiousity and reached peak railway nerdness.
I was looking at the Wikipedia page for the VLA and wondered whether the railway they use to move the dishes is standard gauge or some sort of narrow gauge.
Its definitely looks like standard gauge.

Its not an Otome no Teikoku post if I don't state my favorite couples.
Haruka x Kanae best.
Elisha x Honoka honorable second.

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