@emersion Thanks, but we posted on our official twitter account, so that should be fine.

Preserving just in case.
Niklas Haas is a cool guy and without discussing each other's changes in both libplacebo and FFmpeg, both projects' API would look quite different and would be incompatible. Which is what no one wants, as Vulkan usage in FOSS multimedia is still in development. Having incompatibilities between the 2 libraries would severely hamper their future use, especially with Vulkan's upcoming video encoding/decoding code, which will depend on the work I've done.
But I'm still the one who's done all the work and code. What Niklas is working on right now is a libplacebo filter, which would be his first major contribution to the project. And its dependent on my work and code I've already written, the changes I'm making is to make it easier and more efficient.
All work I've done on FFmpeg's Vulkan code has been in my own spare time, so I think the least I could get is proper credit, please?.

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Phoronix just discredited me again. Like, an entire subcomponent with just a few commits from others with a few changes vs +10 000 lines of Vulkan code with dozens commit on my name. And yet they credit someone else with a total of 8 lines changed.
It wasn't fun the first time they did it when 4.2 was released and all of our Vulkan code was apparently from AMD.

I enjoy drinking concentrated lemon juice directly. But this is too bitter even for my jaded taste.

@null Just skip S02E10. Press skip. You won't miss anything, its a self contained episode.
Else if you're a critic like myself you'll end up angry enough to call it a night and hope time washes away the incredibly poor taste.
Its content like this that makes me want to work on expanding my list of literary offenses. Like Mark Twain, who even published his, though they were too catholic orthodox in following established literary rules for my taste.

Well, now I know why I didn't remember anything, and especially about this episode.
Its a poorly directed butchering of a courtroom drama. A hippopotamus could do a better job at storywriting and directing.
"One Angry Man", the episode is called, as a reference to a great 1952 movie. Good job, you've stained cinematic history by referencing it.
You've burned an episode of an episodic series on this, and in the process millions to throw poo at an entire respectable genre of movies.
How utterly distasteful.

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Honestly, I've seen plenty of courtroom dramas before.
Good and bad ones.
This one doesn't belong on this scale in the same way a pink plastic 1/5th gun replica doesn't belong on the scale of musket rifles to bazookas.
Its far too unrealistic to be taken believably. The prosecutor would be up to his neck in contempt of court sanctions.

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There's a Phoenix Wright episode.
I don't... okay. That's random.
How do I have so little memory of any of this?

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> copying other wiki's contents into your own wiki
Don't do this unless the original wiki's is deleted.
> but what if we just copy and expand on the article with our wiki's focus
No. What happens is you just cut off the parts not related to your wiki's focus.

Just don't, it makes searching incredibly difficult. Especially for following on citations. So much so I just give up altogether after the Nth trimmed clone. You're not helping spreading information, you're harming it.

@revenant I'd call them claiming its "defective" and desoldered/couldn't hold your part.
I'd time how long it would take them to realize its proper behavior, if at all, or issue a refund.

@null We don't get any special mobile broadcasts out in Europe. Everything is a regular SMS.
The only such alert I've ever received was a one-time "stay at home plz" message for the first pandemic wave back in March.

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Sci-fi media's setting follows a Gaussian distribution with a peak at around +20 years from the time it was written.
Some noteworthy peaks are years close to a given century, with appropriate minima at century + 50 years.

Also, the location described is usually Hong Kong in all, except in name.

Honestly, is this comic relief? Because it doesn't feel like comic relief. Because all other comic relief in media I can remember fails to make me even break so much as a smile.
Yet these absolutely adorable tanks make me smile without putting an effort to appear fun.
Here they're discussing cyber augmentation in a completely natural way. They're even making a reference to Luddites, a 19th century movement among textile workers at the time protesting against the use of machines. And no, its not the subtitles, they're accurate.

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Motoko Kusanagi is the best but...
I've forgotten how good the Tachikoma corps were.

@wolf480pl They'd have to be stuck in a cottage on a mountain to have a believable excuse.
Though most people I know wouldn't tolerate bad spotty 2G internet and could hook up a microwave link or a sketchy 2.4Ghz wireless link in weeks, days if they're desperate.

Life's been a complete standstill since August, and it really shows in IRC chatlogs.
LIke, they used to be active, and now, they're utterly boring. What do people do now when they're not on IRC? They're not really writing much code either, and the secret secret projects I know they were working on are dead too.

What a 2/10 day.
I ended up with finding more difficult bugs while fixing annoying bugs. Nothing happened and I achieved nothing.
Now I can't even sleep and it still finds a way to disappoint.

"on the green side of the gray area" is the most tactful way I've thought of to refer to undefined behavior
Also this is the most atrocious looking kerning I've ever seen and now I can't unsee it.

@absturztaube Thanks. Would have to be really pretty great from now on to be able to say "it was good" in a year.
Back then I had goals and thought everything would pass away in a month or two. Gave up on all of that half a year ago and have been waiting to catch a break.

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