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You can be a weeb and dislike Japan. Nothing mutually exclusive here.

FLAC files with no compression at all on a certain nyaa tracker for full albums.
Why is this a thing, and why is this so common? Does some digital music distribution website intentionally waste bandwidth?

Overbooking is okay. You get to cancel last minute with no problem, cancellation fees are small, and in case you want to be and can be stuck in the same place where you are, you can make some small cash and leave a day later. And in my limited experience there's always a volunteer or two. Or ten, I imagine if you're flying home from Haneda.

Cryostasis is such an underappreciated game.
It arrived at the end of the golden years of the shooter and it knew it had to go experimental.
So it did and its great, very interesting mechanics, gameplay and story.
It was also the first game to use PhysX 😕.
I find the mechanics very relatable as every time it gets cold I feel like I understand exactly what its like.
Compared to that Singularity was bland and uninspired. It just copied Wolfenstein and Half-Life 2. That marked the end of the fps.

Shadows of Chernobyl > Clear Sky = Call of Pripyat

I'm surprised they made the Metro 2033 engine run on Linux. Without tessellation but its not like that's very visible.
Its a Windows-centric engine made by ex-STALKER devs.

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AAC Low Complexity and HE are the only variants you'll find without looking.
There is an AAC-Main profile as well (just like H.264), but it just doesn't save anything.
It allowes to predict coefficients from a previous frame (send a difference rather than raw values), but that can't save anything at all.
Coefficients vary very wildly between frames due to MDCT leakage because of the small transform window, so you can't really save anything at all.
How was this ever accepted as a profile?

The USB-C experience: plug devices any way you want, but if you want USB 2 devices to work on your hub you need to plug it the "right" way up, through experimentation.
Oh and the hub *may* randomly drop out and disconnect all your devices if it feels like it when plugging anything new. Like encrypted hard drives, which you'd need to setup again.
This is without getting into the cable differences at all.
I want USB-C to succeed but its just... meh.

Most useless instruction: crc32.
It uses the Castagnoli polynomial which is mainly only used in ethernet, where checksums are 99% of the time generated by the interface, not the CPU.
The IEEE polynomial is the ubiquitous one used pretty much everywhere.
These days the microcode of the instruction has hardly been touched, and why bother when programs can roll their own with the same or better performance. And an actually useful polynomial.

Ruby chocolate exists. I want it.
Not as much as I want good high quality milk chocolate with blood orange flavoring.

Whoever's idea it was to make the old bluetooth audio protocol variable samplerate should suffer in a special hell where everything is off-tune.
Did they really think no one would notice or that its in any way acceptable?

"Microsoft Japan’s 3-Day Weekend Boosts Worker Productivity by 40%"
This is what I imagine happened:
"You're having 2 days off this week!"
"A-Are we getting fired? Is work drying up?"
"No, no, its an experiment"
"O-Oh okay"
They all show up every day except Sunday working overtime thinking there will be massive layoffs soon.

I had to deal with 18-bit-CRCs-on-10-bit-data-in-16-bit-data-types a few years ago.
The traditional, from first principles approach simply doesn't work, as every explanation you find is just too simplistic for such setup.
Ignoring all that and just generating a table and doing what you usually do with sane CRCs worked. Just wish it didn't take me a week to learn. Understanding how that worked came later.

Half the things Feynman did in his book in Los Alamos would have landed him in Guantanamo nowadays.

If there's any sort of small justice in this world its that CEOs and such of companies are usually self-employed, which makes them highly radioactive to banks and unable to get loans personally, rent easily, etc.
Too bad they're all Scrouge McDuck and just buy the building upfront to extort people.

I tried playing Atelier Sophie two years ago. An hour is what I survived.
It had the same atmosphere as a Teletubbies episode. The only way I would play it again is on a few hundred μg of lab-grade LSD.

Safe, its Diablo 4 and no mention of any D2 remaster.
I'd hate to see that made by that company which has no relation at all to, apart from hating, the people who made the original.
Very sad the original devs are working for Perfect World on an MMORPG now, after making a D1 and D2 copies.

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