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Was wondering why I'm not getting 1Gbps over ethernet when ethtool reported both ends support it.
Turns out the cable had 4 strands. It was oddly flexible and uncumbersome. Still better than 5Ghz wifi.

Discord only exists because the fun underground IRC channels are underground for a reason.

I'm glad the last SAO Progressive volume finally dumped the ridiculously shoehorned imperialization of all units because americans and kept the metric units of the original.
I still have no respect for yen press for forcing this and will continue imagining them as stereotypical fat americans. And not buying anything they do.

To the people measuring audio compression quality with spectrograms: you don't listen to images.

I still wonder how anyone at KDE things its okay for Kate, a text editor, to require the whole KDE library infrastructure, including an audio output library wrapper that no one uses, which pulls in vlc, a humongous media player with tons and tons of dependencies.
Gnome are at least sane, gedit requires just libgtk, which is pretty much mandatory and is pretty minimal in what it requires. Same with most of its other programs.
I'd use Kate over gedit anyday if it didn't require such a sacrifice.

Something I've just noticed: tall people tend to make more eye contact with other tall people passing by than usual.
Acknowledgement? Comparison? Sympathy? No idea yet, but its interesting.

"When cutting aluminium with the slitting disc, run the disk in a bar of soap beforehand and your cuts will be much easier and neater"
Hearing that: yeah right, that's just stupid.
Learning that is actually true: holy shit. That's something I'll want to try to remember for the next time when I'm cutting aluminium, which is never.

Same story with the VC2 encoder I wrote, with which I only used Sintel while writing.
It was good on the main action scene but when reaching the credits (white on black, simple) at the end the rate control system freaked out.
But choosing test samples is so difficult, for FFV2 I spent nearly a day going through my entire collection of images to pick 1 png source.

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An entire generation of audio encoders has been optimized with/for MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon!. All 2 of them. That I wrote. Both had to be fixed to not mark everything as a transient afterwards.

I can't give Blizzard North enough credit. Diablo 2 had a purely sampler-based music, but for the expansion they kept the composer and let him have a 100+ person orchestra in Bratislava to record a completely different, Wagnerian-style soundtrack. Any other time/studio and they'd have changed the composer.
PS: Matt Uelmen recorded at the same location 3 times - LoD, D3 in 2005 (made into WoW OST) and for TL2 2 in 2012.
PS2: Matt Uelmen is big socialist/russophile on twitter, he was fun to read.

Official name: M・A・O
Never been credited under anything other than Mao and that either.
Respect to her and her colleague, as someone who can relate.

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Mao from Wakaba Girl is voiced by MAO. And calls herself Mao (third person) too.
I bet Mao had so much fun.

Just regular JPEG artifacts, but on Google Earth? And only on one camera too? Weird.

There's a project that rips laserdiscs with a mostly DIY player and SDR.
I want one for CDs. Archivists could one as well, since drives may sometime just give up on disc rot.

Meanwhile what's stopping Vulkan from being used in a video player (wth hardware decoding) or a wayland compositor on linux: the lack of support for the VK_EXT_external_memory_dma_buf extension.
Honestly, its been so long since it was spec'd but not even intel, not even google, who pushed so hard for it have implemented support for it.
You can't reasonably import foreign surfaces without it, which makes it pretty much pointless or a matter of luck to import (mpv, ffmpeg) anything.

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@natalie You can upload music with cover art if you mux it like this with ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i <cover> -i <audio> -c:v copy -disposition:v attached_pic -c:a copy -y <output>.mp4
This is technically a video with 1 frame but the disposition makes seeking and playing not break. I think only Pleroma doesn't display the cover art as it should.
Only jpeg/png/bmp+aac/opus/mp3 accepted, so adjust the -c:v/-c:a as necessary.

Could rsync _tell_ you its missing a destination AND tell you the source is valid?
I thought I downloaded something and ran rsync again to verify but I didn't specify a destination neither the first nor the second time. Now have to redownload.

Sanaaaa ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
She started as a receptionist at KONAMI in the late 90's and got lucky enough to be in pon'n and BEMANI.
Track 3 sounds exactly like something from S3&K.

I'm unable to get depressed. I may feel awful but once a couple of hours pass I feel normal and have a new plan.
I sometimes wish I was able to be depressed, maybe then I could stop, even if it catastrophically affects everything. Just so I won't have to anticipate another failure, another bout of feeling awful, and another plan that won't work.

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