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That's also a reason to not get POWER9, no one's written any advanced SIMD for it, so there's bound to be more bugs.

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If I ever buy a CPU I'm not buying from a place that doesn't offer arbitrary refunds.
If I do get a CPU, I'm running ffmpeg and dav1d's checkasms a few hundred times and prime95 for an hour to test for SIMD bugs.
If I had a CPU with some obscure SIMD bug, I'd never ever suspect it and would instead blame literally anything else.

I think anti-vaxxers and x32 ABI fans have a lot in common.

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"What does MP3 stand for again?"

"Fraunhofer's lossy audio codec"

You wake up at 2 in the afternoon, you have the most terrible hangover ever, you're missing work, your phone has 99 missed calls, your hands have many strange symbols drawn with a marker, one of your shoes is surgically cut in half and is glued to the ceiling, you clamber over to your laptop and as you notice by far the weirdest thing you've seen yet, you let our a shocked blood-curdling scream:

Finally got my blog in order and wrote a piece on handwriting IIR filter SIMD:

I've been looking at static website generators but they're all not very useful.
Most take in Markdown or rst and can't support images, or support them through some horrible awful transcoding layer, or only support certain formats.
Anyone knows something written in a non-meme language (preferably Python using only packages available in most repositories, pip can die) that can take in Markdown or whatever with custom HTML syntax for elements and can be uploaded as-is to a server?

Talos 2: 1700$ for just a CPU and a motherboard
HiFive Unleashed: 1000$ (can't even buy it anymore)
Meme architectures.

Now that FFmpeg 4.3 has been released, how to crash any Intel GPU on Linux with a single line:
ffmpeg -init_hw_device "vulkan=vk:0" -f lavfi -i testsrc2 -filter_hw_device vk -vf hwupload,avgblur_vulkan -f null -

One of the few intersections between Touhou fans and Doom fans is I imagine being able to listen to thousands of U.N. Owen remixes for the former and thousands of E1M1 renditions on different synths for the latter.

Its now probably the millionth time I've done pthread_mutex_lock(&unlock).
I should name my mutexes something else than "lock".

TIL WinRAR had support for RarVM, a special VM which would execute code the archive included.
The original thought was to incorporate newer compression algorithms without breaking backward or forward compatibility.
RAR dropped support for it in newer versions, but its still widely deployed and fully RE'd (just search for RarVM).
You could in theory use it to generate data as well, such as for looping videos or other interesting exploits.
Given Spectre, maybe its a good thing it got dropped.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) is such an amazing movie.
Apart from existing in a world where the average cut duration has been quickly going down, its cinematography is kind of unique for another reason. Instead of using normal lenses or even wide lenses for regular scenes or close-ups, throughout most of the movie long lenses are used with the camera moved further back. Its effect of changing the perspective and feel but keeping the composition is subtle yet very effective, and appropriate.

As far as piracy goes, getting books is by far the hardest, even for ones long in the public domain (in the US).
Not to mention most are in useless epub (yes, I'd like an HTML renderer to read my books), mobi (obscure deprecated amazon), awz2/azw3 (more deprecated amazon crap) when all you want is a nice, well laid out and formatted pdf. is the worst build system ever invented.
cmake (which took longer to compile than gcc IIRC), meson (NIH-python language, 10 ways to do something), waf (no documentation ever at all), make (m4 lol) all got nothing on it. And I've worked with all of the ones listed.

Here's an incomplete list of known FFmpeg license violators, past and present. Its longer than you think. Quite a few famous/known names there. The "closed" entries are much less than the "open" ones.
Please, unlike what wikipedia suggests, don't try expanding it. Unless its to report a new one.

Bug report:
They did remove ffmpeg from their SDK after less than a day, but didn't really say much, in the way corporations usually do.
Commit discussions, to read angry or hopeful people's thoughts:
Its fun to read how not supporting NDI isn't hurting NewTek as much as its hurting the community and FFmpeg.
As if suing someone is completely innocuous, happens all the time, harmless to everyone, a fun time.

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So 10 months ago ffmpeg removed support for linking against libndi because of this.
The impact hasn't been felt yet since users are (really) slow to upgrade.
But once they do there will be lots of bugs being filed and lots of complaints sent.
I hope at least some of this hits NDI. Getting a legal notice is the equivalent of swatting IMO, and can be really really really bad for someone doing this just for fun.
I just _hope_ that I never get sued by say Fraunhofer or Dolby. I have enough to worry.

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