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Finally left Tutanota and migrated to Migadu.
Tutanota are cheap but their idea of security means you're locked to only ever be using their webmail. Nothing else. It was horrible.

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Had a realistic zombie apocalypse dream, for which the cure, in true zombie movie fashion, was the pollen of a some yellow flower, but that was explained in the prologue.
Nope, I'd take COVID-19. These zombies evolved the lemmings' method of brute forcing shelters.

GUNFIRE - THAT'S MAGUS NIGHT -Rampageous Shooting Star-
Many lines of code were written listening to the whole circle's music on a loop for N days straight. Entire decoders, in fact.

I joined the fediverse exactly 1 year ago now 🎂
Picking a small instance and hoping I'll fit in is something I kinda miss.
About 1.5 months later I had to jump servers because it shut down, but thankfully the migration feature landed just before I had to, so I carried over my 5 followers and 5 following users to what I thought at the time was a very shaky instance just brought up.
I do miss ichii and, hopefully he'll come back again one day.
Here's to more, hopefully 🍺

I found the perfect way to describe the Smoking Man from the X-files: "He's like a pack of Marlboros which achieved self-expression.".

>BDs of old PAL TV shows
>deinterlaced and converted to 29.97 FPS for the US
>most BD rips are from US releases
I hate this.

I have another one:
>EU movie with a total of 3 "fuck"s in it, beautifully delivered and well spent
>Uncensored in the EU
>Hamfisted and very obvious censoring for US to get a rating for 12 year olds
>most BD rips are from US releases
I hate this too.

Finally found the combination which puts my thinkpad to sleep; Fn+4.
Undocumented, no labels anywhere, and its only because its close to Meta+4 which I use to switch desktops did I find out about it.
Its annoying and I don't want it.

Maybe if incandescent light bulbs weren't so awful people wouldn't be obsessed with having "warm" color LED lights and actually have something somewhat useful, like between 4000 and 5000 kelvin.
But what we have now is a market flooded with awful less-powerful than the incandescent 2000 kelvin LEDs which flicker in a really annoying way to save a few cents on a rectifier and some caps/resistors but are good enough to flog to people who only care about price and nothing else.

I ran into someone a few days ago.
Didn't think too much of it at the time, but I've just realized it was the first time I've ran randomly into anyone in the last maybe 10 years.

An update on NDI: there was an open-source clean room implementation published 2 months ago and is still worked on.
NewTek or their lawyers have not contacted the author yet. He's bitterly disappointed, as half his reason for writing this was to piss them off. But he is the president of Videolan, and I guess that carries some weight.

Released cyanrip 0.6.0
Main feature: automatic accurip verification.
Also featured: compatibility with "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness".

>First and only BD I've owned, was included in an album
>Too obscure to have keys

Oh god the AccuRIP database has an atrocious API. JSON? Lol. Give it magic numbers and it return __HEADERLESS__ binary or an HTML document in case of an error.
Headerless binary with a non-fixed unpredictable size.
Making users identify an HTML document from a binary is pure malice.

Wrote a new article on fast Interleaved Signed exp-Golomb parsing. Its okay not to care, modern entropy encoding systems are just better.

Was curious whether Kebab joints even exist in Auckland.
Turns out they do, and there are quite a lot of them. They look pretty decent too.
I'd visit Auckland just to try them.

Dear people I work with: stop using shared Google Docs with the permission-less mode where everyone with a Google account can access it, rather than the permission-less mode where everyone without a Google account can access it.

I have 3 large Mozilla/Firefox posters (including one which says "We stand for the internet") that I've never put up anywhere.
I'm split between just putting them up now and watching them become ironic or waiting for them to become ironic, then put them up.

Extensive scientific report on Red Bull versions (publication in a reputable journal pending):
Original: good for variety, but get Blueberry
Diet: good for variety and dieting, else get Blueberry
Zero sugar: get Diet, else Blueberry
Ginger ale: get Blueberry
Simply cola: get Blueberry
Summer: get Blueberry
Tropical: get Blueberry
Coconut: get Blueberry
Kiwi: get Blueberry
Grapefruit: get Blueberry
Watermelon: get Blueberry
Beach breeze: get Blueberry
Blueberry: the best.

Sometimes companies release products which become benchmarks for everything in the industry. And will be used to other industries to unfamiliar people.
"The Fluke 87-V of microphones!"
"The Shure SM57 of walkie-talkies!"
"The 2080 Ti of FPGAs!"
"The Xilinx Spartan of vacuum cleaner bags!"

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