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A misconception developers believe:
64-bit floating point is a good idea to use as a timestamp in all and any applications dealing with multimedia.
Except it *really* isn't. Not when rounding errors exist and you need to do comparisons on what are often very similar numbers. If you've ever seen subtitles being a frame late or early, this is why.

Every time someone makes a car analogy all I can think of is "How many levels of American are you on?".

1993: SHA-0 - the 160bit message digest algorithm that gets it right
1995: SHA-1 - the 160bit message digest algorithm that actually gets it right
2001: SHA-2 - the 256/384/512bit message digesst algorithm that's even righter
2004: SHA-224 - the SHA-2 based 224bit message digest algorithm that got it right, made less right because hysterical raisins
2012: SHA-512/(224/256) - the 224/256bit message digest algorithm that got it right, now with length extension protection
2015: SHA-3 - the 224/256/384/512/(0, N]bit message digest algorithm that got it right, now even faster

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1989: MD2 - the 128bit message digest algorithm that gets it right
1990: MD4 - the 128bit message digest algorithm that really gets it right
1992: MD5 - the 128bit message digest algorithm that finally really gets it right
2008: MD6 - the (0, 512]bit message digest algorithm that finally really actually gets it right

Wrote a very short blog post on the 2̶ 1 way to encode white noise.

I'm picking components for a new system. I haven't built one in too many years.
Barely done with a motherboard, SSDs and RAM and I'm already over $1000.
I'm not paying for it, so that's okay, but I don't remember things being so insanely expensive, especially RAM.
I give up for now. I still have more than a month until RDNA 2 gets here, and need a CPU to decide on a PSU, cooler and a case.

"The PlayStation 3 video game Race Driver: Grid uses 224 simultaneous streams of ATRAC3 compressed audio, with between one and eight channels per stream at sample rates between 24 and 48 kHz, each filtered using 512 frequency bands of adaptive equalisation, routed via six reverb units running on the same SPU co-processor (one of eight on the PS3's Cell chip), alongside 7.1 channel hybrid third-order Ambisonic mixing."
Read this, thought it was insane, then that its okay, now I'm sure its crazy.

Because ATRAC3-era ATRAC has too many versions?

I really did spend a week on that solution every day while working when I needed to take a break and use my brain on something I knew could be optimized.
I mostly played through the game optimizing for low cost. If I'm making shoddy Chinese electronics, I'll make the shoddiest Chinese electronics possible.

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The 2 types of overengineering:
- spend a week on it meticulously overoptimizing it
- spend an hour on it making it as n̶a̶i̶v̶e̶l̶y̶ flexible as possible

Rules are just agreed on formalized guidelines.

"The Yamazaki plant at 3 o'clock in the morning. A lone night watchman patrols an empty, but fully operating factory. Why is this prospect accepted docilely in Japan, when it sends shivers down the spines of labour leaders in the west."
Makes me want to rewatch Patlabor.

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Watching a 1982 UK documentary on JP robotization and getting retro-cyberpunk vibes from a company president explaining how a meeting room has access to every single piece of company data around the world. Yes, president also designed a factory staffed of entirely robots.
Its nice to think that once upon a time, people believed robots would replace every worker by 2000 and unions would have to block robot adoption to save jobs. And JP economy would keep growing.

Terminated my old VPS with $0.02 remaining.
I'm okay with this, considering I only did ballpark calculations to figure out when to stop it.

Modern hardware encoder quality. I think this was 720p30 at 3Mbps. Not sure which encoder made this.
Zoom in and enjoy seeing some DCT basis functions.

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Its okay. Has good moments which didn't last long.
But none of the remixes put me down on the floor. Still, deserves to stand along with the rest of the albums. Which I should probably listen to because its been a long time.

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