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lukemorse1: <reviews his Neo Geo CD collection in one take, mapping JP->EN names and briefly summarizing every game>
Me: how does he remember so well, there are over 70 games
Me: ...oh, I can probably do the same with my album collection.

Neither GCC nor Clang actually SIMD'd this incredibly trivial loop no matter how I phrased it.
But any way you look at it, I shouldn't need to do this, why is PA so idiotic?

Almost tempted to leave this in as-is, in the words of a wise person, "My general opinion about [big endian] computers is that you should get a better computer, you can get one for free from any garbage dump."

Firefox has just pretty catastrophically failed me.
Yes, worse than crashing and losing all of my (few) tabs.
Yes they're not fixing it.

Link local IPv6 addresses are not supported.
http://[address] errors, while http://[address]:port redirects you to a fucking search with that URL. Leaking your mac address if you're not using ipv6's privacy extensions.
Yes, they're not planning on supporting it. "Too complex", the bug report says.
I'm pretty unhappy right about now.

time youtube-dl --help
youtube-dl --help 1.31s user 0.06s system 99% cpu 1.367 total

Ever look at the huge buildings MMO cities have and go "of course they're empty, they're just facades to give the city some grandeur". And wonder "if they weren't empty, what could the space be used as?".
IRL I think about this every time I see a large old historical building. It can't be used as an office, it costs too much just to keep the facade pretty, its probably tiny in there due to the timber supports and the internal layout is likely ridiculous. The real offices are in a boring office building in another city, and even the big wigs have their offices there because that's where everyone is.

Critic taglines most of my days lately would have if packaged as movies:
"On the borderline between experimental and shit!"
"No redeemable features."
"Will have you on the edge of your seat ready to leave and ask for a refund!"
"Present day sleeper hit! Literally slept through it!"
"Proof a rhesus monkey would do a better job at script, production, direction, filming, lighting and sound all at once."
"Shuts up LOTR critics for saying it had too much walking!"

I think I know what's happening. They've ran out of IP addresses! They don't have enough for all customers so their DHCP servers just wait for someone to drop off to give someone else a connection.
They may even drop customers off if someone calls in.

I've set my modem to bridge mode and 2 of my devices have addresses. I'll squat on them.

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She's cute, knows it, and doesn't care. She's the punkest witch I've seen.
And my spell checker agrees since it didn't mark "punkest" as incorrect or unrecognized :haruhi_bang: !

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I just remembered a colleague of mine lived in Akiba in the early '90s. Yes, of course he was a hacker. Some of you may have even head of him.
I thought that's so impressive its worth putting on a resume without any comment.
Then I thought a tiny bit more if I'd be more impressed seeing that on a resume than "Climbed Mount Everest." to almost instantly conclude absolutely yes. Even more so once I remembered Everest tourist climbing parties were a thing. K2 on the other hand is different.

I don't really know but I think there's a huge stigma associated with creators who use pirated tools (like Photoshop and such from big companies).
Like, why? "You're so bad at managing your finances, you shouldn't be allowed to produce anything!"? Those are huge huge corporations that make money off of other huge Companies, a single creator's hardly anything but an administrative bother for the makers of the software.
Plus their licensing model where you don't own the software, you rent it for a year is practically saying "look, we really don't want your money, we do this for political reasons only, that's why its to hard to get".

Nice logging infra and colors make even trace-level logs nice to look at.

I wonder if whatever detector they funded would identify the sarcasm here or was my impromptu attempt too weak.

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"In June 2014, the United States Secret Service requested bids for software that would identify sarcasm in tweets.".
Protecting employees of the most dangerous US profession, even if they need a little help to know the difference between "bomb" and "bombshell".

I wonder if there's a history or a myth in the circle of LN2 overclockers about how someone suffocated while clocking a stubborn CPU.

Looking for a keyboard:
- Low profile and no numpad is a must
- Quiet switches without compromising the clicky feedback
- Programmable via the QMK is a huge huge plus
- RGB matrix is something I'd like to have but could live without
- Cable not being hardwired and its connector not being in the center is a big plus, but I could live without this

So far the closest one I've seen is the Havit HV-KB390L, but its not programmable and its LED functionality may as well not exist.
The Drop Ctrl looks cool but its profile looks huge enough to need wrist ramps to write comfortably, and I really don't want to sacrifice dead space, or live with it.

They're not exactly equivalent expressions but they sound similar. And the latter is definitely great as far as expressions go, but I haven't found an opportunity to use it yet.

Also Heke and Lala are cute.

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Even if the sample had a big pink neon-lit sign "PORN!" it couldn't have been more obvious.
Nothing comes in .wmv files other than porn. Bonus points it it uses Cook (RealAudio 16).

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FFmpeg bug report: seeking broken on .wmv files. Sample attached.
Me: Is this...?
Sample: Yup.

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