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Just saw a telecine'd live event BD.
23.976 frames into 29.97 frames per second. Not reclocked, blended or anything, fucking _telecined_. Every 3-4 progressive frames (there's a pattern) there's a sequence of interlaced frames.

This is an efficient way to make viewing smooth, yes. ON 19-FUCKING-50'S ANALOG TVS. THIS IS 2021, AND THE BD WAS RELEASED IN 2015!
This is my worst nightmare. What am I supposed to do with it? Preprocess it?
There's no other way than filtering the entire video stream.

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Today I removed 364.20KiB worth of binary historical garbage from ffmpeg.
Not bad.

Probably not, hardware DSP, even on those cards was AFAIK limited to simple hardcoded effects. Even for EAX, you couldn't just give it a model and let it work out the reverb, you had to give it pre-tuned coefficient, which games usually hardcoded.
Doom 3 switched those pretty often and the difference was jarring.

I think AMD's new thing uses the same geometry supplied by the game for drawing to also model reverb, but not sure. All I know is they do use the shaders for audio. Which could be just that they do mixing and some simple reverb with shaders. Nothing CPUs couldn't do.

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I wonder if the Creative Crystalizer used the hardware DSP at all on X-FI cards...

Anti-radiation cigarettes.
Only the 90's could have thought of this.

Yes, I'll take a true interlaced 30fps over a 24fps for a _live_ event any day.
Seeing a nice smooth 60fps after deinterlacing is very nice and not even 30fps progressive compares favorably. For a _live_ event.
Obviously 60fps progressive is the best. Thankfully the 4K BD specs do permit 4k60. Though no one has bothered to shoot any live events worth watching in 4k. Only idols, which is most of the time the musical analogue of eating wallpaper paste and cardboard.

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Most live events (Symphogear and Macross Delta) BDs are 24fps progressive while a few (all Magical Mirai and Yuru Yuri Utagassen events) are 30fps interlaced.

I just don't know how anyone thinks 24fps is an acceptable framerate for a live event.

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If Singapore wasn't such a super-mega-hyper-uber conservative shithole with actually hostile laws it probably wouldn't be a bad place to live. Directly on the equator, nice weather all year round, in the vicinity of good beaches, excellent shipping links.
Same with Hong Kong, though to a lesser extent. Also its 20 degrees off the equator, so less optimal. And no beaches.

There's a post-christmas discount on christmas chocolate.
Fuck yes. This is what I live for.

Its practically morning here, I'm unable to sleep, and I think my smell fetish is worse than I thought.
Because I remembered enjoying the faint smell of weakly diluted chlorine.

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Sometimes I wish I could smell a mixture of welding fumes and isopropyl alcohol on demand.

Some say his manager convinced the devil to give him reduced time if he performs shows in hell and does some PR work like this patch.
Others say he's hiding out in a bunker beneath Maryland, trading stocks and watching anime.
While others think he got kidnapped by aliens and taken to Pollux, a star 34 light years away, from which he sent his contributions.

All we know for sure is, some companies treat their employees like slaves to the point where everything coming from their minds is considered the company's intellectual property.

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FYI: The man, the myth, the legend, the king of rock & roll, Elvis Presley, wrote FFmpeg's ProRes decoder.

A reminder, mesons and baryons have a concept of "topness" and "bottomness", as well as other strange charming orthogonal properties.

I like getting files with obviously incorrect encodings and figuring out what exactly the correct encoding is.
Not the trivial ones which require a single uchardet + iconv invocation.
The ones in audio metadata fields are interesting, since the metadata fields are usually always either UTF-8 or UTF-16, and incorrectly written programs just put whatever bytes they use in whatever encoding right into them.

Usually the culprits are weird JP album rippers on Weibo. I _could_ just get new tags from vgmdb, but that's no fun.

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