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Holding SD cards with your lips is hardcore.

I always had the impression NASA picked super-expensive CCDs for main cameras that were just overpriced and overtested.

But then I just took a look at the datasheet for the KAI-2020CM.

That movie is so full of crap.
Danny Boyle, what were you thinking? "I'm gonna make the next 2001! It'll be a slasher movie set in space!"?

The storyline is awful (surprisingly, since it's written by someone who knows what he's doing), but the actors are miscast and there's hardly any typical three-act storyline to follow.
Brian Cox, did you not read the script? Your input seems to have mostly boiled down to <techtalk>, followed by: <let's half-ass explain the techtalk to make Brian happy>.

Event Horizon was so much better (thankfully, since the 20 minute horror show sex orgy scene was scrapped and lost)...

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I need eye bleach after reading C++ object orientated codec code.

I'd rather read it in FORTRAN 77 (no, seriously). I'd rather read it in assembly. Why does EVERYTHING need to be an object? You're not making anything simpler, you're just obfuscating code and worse yet, hiding state where it's hard to keep track of.

1 char under the limit. Left out a few, some of which I have no memory of, but oh well.

Ticketing systems are also something I haven't mentioned, due to mostly all being a horrid mess.

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Random train station review time in no particular order:

Tokyo Central: it's okay, having a single tunnel connect platforms isn't optimal but it's large enough here so you can get to where you need to

Kyoto: bad connection to the tube, otherwise okay

Shizuoka: it's okay, has a nice place selling tasty sandwiches, you can watch bullet trains go past very quickly since they run a 3-railway system (south, bypass, north).

Monaco-Monte-Carlo: it's like a huge nuclear bunker!

Nice: it's normal and typical in the worst possible ways

Millbrae: if the heat isn't scorching and you're not tired or in a hurry, it's not a bad place to sit down and contemplate on life while the train never comes

Berlin Hauptbahnhof: yes. Oh yes. Kebab shops everywhere, each as tasty as the last, interesting 3-dimensional layout that's not tacky and is usable. Not exactly 'central', though, it's in the middle of nowhere.
Just make sure to arrive just make sure to not spend any time _in_ it, since it's boring.

Cambridge: is this a joke? Far too small and in the middle of nowhere.

King's cross: it's okay.

King's cross St. Pancras: it's dirty, just a shopping mall, with overpriced food stores past the ticket gates

Paddington: it's on the bad side of meh, the entrance looks like the polar opposite of what a train station entrance should look like

Vienna: nothing bad to say from a quick stay. Has by far the fastest connection to a city airport a train station can have, which is good.

Marylebone: good and comfy in the summer

Waterloo: good, nice roof, linear arrangement of platforms, plenty of places to relax at

Victoria: it's Waterloo but bad. Always too crowded, bad connection to the underground.

Euston: it's meh.

Paris Gare de Lyon: very leaky roof, fast unrestricted wi-fi, uncomfortable chairs and benches, good atmosphere because of the glass roof, noisy, nowhere to go, middle of nowhere in the city

Paris Gare du Nord: second most depressing station, it's far too large, not well-connected and disorientating, signage was bad too

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The most dreary and depressing train station I've been to has to be Brussels Central.

There are no containers that support ATRAC1.
No WAV support, only ATRAC3+.
No MIME type.
No omg support (Sony OpenMG).
No Matroska type string.

BUT there is .aea
MD STUDIO audio.
For which we only support demuxing.
So I'll have to write a muxer. Thankfully doesn't look terribly complex, it's just a header followed by the raw frames.
...with no data length field. So the encoder will have to be hard CBR. For which I need actual RDO and good bit alloc.

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I had my valentine day's kiss.
I grabbed a bottle to drink some water and forgot I put the bottlecap on.

QMF done.
Holy hell, this thing using a flat-top Opus-style window?!?
I was _not_ expecting this.

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The Wolverine's synopsis:
"Wolverine comes to Japan to meet an old friend whose life he saved years ago, and gets embroiled in a conspiracy involving yakuza and mutants."
...sounds like the start of a joke and I want to hear the punchline.

I'm writing an ATRAC1 encoder. Just because I want to, it's fun and it's simple.

Should be done by tomorrow.

Brian Cox did a commentary for Sunshine (2007) and was the movie's scientific advisor!
I know what I'm watching today!

Also Danny Boyle directed that movie! It was weak, IIRC!

"German has a word for everything!", they say.
But I think the same can be said for English:
"The act of throwing someone out of a window is called 'defenestration.'".

ATRAC is like a saner form of MP3.
Still uses iMDCTs. Still uses QMFs. But the QMFs split the data into barely 3 frequencies, wile MP3 split it into 32 frequencies. The bigger frequency range means the iMDCTs actually do something rather than look good on a patent list.
And ATRAC carries none of the historical baggage and bitstream insanity MPEG codecs have, where nearly each field changes the meaning of some other field.

The fact that humans don't get weak in darkness while vampires get weak in sunlight suggests there's a broken parity symmetry between humans and vampires.
This also further suggests that this parity violation is a cause for so few vampires to exist when compared to the number of humans known to exist.

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