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TOHO BOSSA NOVA 2: Very nice.
TOHO BOSSA NOVA 4: The best.
TOHO BOSSA NOVA 6: It's good
TOHO BOSSA NOVA 7: Yeees, milka saves the day
TOHO BOSSA NOVA 9: I'm asleep

À procura de felicidade: YES!

A scripted bot has been trying to finish Diablo, livestreamed here:

ISA Is the bus that keeps on giving.

Factorio is the only multiplayer game I've played in 8 months!
If only because playing after you research bots is like having hundreds of lackeys to answer to your whims.

She even directed Strange Days! Which was shit. But was sci-fi! And a submarine war movie! And Point Break!
And Zero Dark Thirty, which I haven't watched, it's a bit too much of US-A ARMY WE'RE NUMBER ONE1!
Kathryn Bigelow has some odd taste in movies, but she's certainly a good director.

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In terms of war movies, The Hurt Locker > Black Hawk Down.

I am very surprised to hear a woman directed The Hurt Locker. Whose name I hadn't heard, neither her quite large reputation. She was even on the Times 100 influential people list at some point.

Joking aside, I know someone who unironically uses Perl for fun.
He did have a neck-long beard up until a number of months ago, I think.

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You know how there's a stereotype where only people with neckbeards code in Lisp, neck-long beards program in C and chest-long bears program in Perl?

I bet there's a stereotype where if you cherry-pick people, predominantly stylish hot girls will be handwriting assembly.
May take a sample size of 1 though.

The entire game gets finished too! Masterjun is an absolute legend!

"Is this what's called ̶S̶I̶M̶D̶ SIML? Single instruction multiple levels?" <- my favorite Youtube comment

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Masterjun has done it again!

SMW TAS where 11 levels get finished with the same inputs!

I need a nyoron~~ emoji.
Where's my nyoron~~ emoji, Unicode? And Elvish?

Here comes the most INSUFFERABLE time of the year.

Though it mostly happens by accident, since I don't rearrange my tabs often.
I get blasted with cuteness and it's always a surprise.

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I sometimes like keeping cute pictures on the top of my browser tab stack.
That way they kind of blend in with the tabs before it (usually technical references on what I'm working on).
When I empty my top of tab stack I'm greeted by temporary cuteness until I open a new tab.

Episode 12 

<Counteraction rising>
"Shiroe, I like you!"
<Yeah we are ready for the punchline>
"I've always loved you ever since I met you"
<There's no use with all your gimmicks>
"I'm sorry, I like someone else instead"
<Login you damned one's Crush the wont you compromise>
<The noise comes we are ready to bow>
<What about the antidote for the jammed and hypnotize>
<Rend the lie that covers Who's the real sucker now>

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Log Horizon ended.
Really hope there'll be more. It certainly very strongly hinted at that.

Headline: After 3 years of data collection, scientists have gathered enough neutrino events to confirm the future's existence with a 5-sigma confidence

Abstract: The neutrinos detected from the future appear to have a low energy (<200 keV) and are predominantly electron-flavored. Correlating the average energy with their average oscillation state we're able to confirm the future's location and distance is IN THE ASS-END OF SPACE.

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The future's so dim, I gotta wear photomultiplier tubes and 3 Megalitres of water to detect its presence.

Calling "xor" an "eor" has got to be the one thing every fanatic, from the president of ARM down to a low-life fan with an ARM tattoo would agree is messed up.

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