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Doom 2 level designers:
"You know what's funny?"
"We already have a few of them on this map."
"I mean in front of the level exit button."
"We _already_ have a pinky in front of the level exit button!"
"I mean on all levels!"
"...ship it."

3/3 companies I've done business with in the past week, a pizza company, a vps hosting company and an email hosting company, have failed me.
I feel like I've spend all of my luck this and last year on that Civ5 game I played long ago and won.

Some time ago I posted a picture showing how the DSD release of some Hibike OST was really just 48Khz PCM converted to DSD.
After I found out about the abitscope filter I took a look at the bit distribution after requantizing to PCM. Top->bottom is MSB->LSB respectively.
Yup, that does look like 24-bit audio, with the bottom 8 or so bits fluctuating due to roundings during the PCM->DSD->PCM requantizations.
Just get the PCM/CD next time, DSD is too cumbersome to work with anyway so all work is done in PCM anyway.

Was so tired I slept for 4 hours after my normal wakeup time, even though I went to bed at a normal time 😴

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Ever since I enabled full text search I very quickly understood the importance of favorites.

For the record that matcha latte did taste incredible.

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From back when things were normal...
After so long its difficult to imagine how trouble and strife used to be or how normal travelling was.

Finally migrated my server to a new machine.
1 core and 2gb of RAM are barely enough and you really need a swap file.
When you enable elasticsearch I figured 8gb of RAM would be a snug fit, so I got 16gb instead, and was right.
I wish web technologies were better. Now I don't want to hear the words "postgresql", "redis", "ruby", "elasticsearch", "nginx" or "node.js" in the next year.

Twitch has been messing with streams again and putting 15 second placeholder countdowns for ads. You know, so adblockers can't skip streams.

"The Cambrian explosion of Vocaloids!"
"The Cambrian explosion of Vtubers!"

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Despite writing a CD ripper I don't feel like CDs are a hopelessly cludged barely working hacked together format.
They were well designed, with extensive error recovery, and I'm very glad they didn't use 14bits as Philips wanted.
I don't like the fact they have a samplerate of 44100Hz, but tomorrow's world never saw the emergence of the internet so they're forgiven for wanting a longer playtime.
Enhanced CDs are bad though, with an absolutely arbitrary 14100 frame gap for no reason.

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Sometimes I'm embarrassed by how little Python I know, arguably the most popular programming language.
Why is that awful language so appealing? Having indentation be part of the syntax is one of the worst decisions made in history. And the biggest one by far is you can't verify your syntax is correct without running the code. Even Lua errors out on obviously wrong syntax.

I hope Nvidia cards are really good for mining instead of AMD this year.
That way I have a more reasonable chance of getting a Founder's edition early just to enjoy waiting for linux support to improve and hack on a non-toy GPU.

You know how there are people that say "I wouldn't mind going to Middle Earth!", or "I wanna live in Stargate/Trek's world!" and such.
I wanna go to Kurast!

Note to self: next time I want to analyze bits in an audio dump it as big endian or use the abitscope filter.
Was wondering for days why a 24-bit signal was being MSB-padded rather than the more standard LSB-padded.
Now it all makes sense.

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