• Do not harass or attack people. Racism, misogyny, *phobia and similar are completely out.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not post anything illegal. Posting loli is. Posting patents or leaked specification documents isn't.
  • Do not block any users who have not interacted with you directly by either CCing you, replying to you or boosting you. Faves do not count as interations.
  • NSFW: must be tagged as such, but do not post porn, do it elsewhere.
  • Do not embarrass yourselves or say something you'll possibly regret in the future. Use common sense.
  • Try to be kind to people. They've probably had a worse day than you have.
  • Weeb: optional, but occasionally unavoidable.
  • Unironically liking Touhou is highly unnecessary.

A Mastodon instance for people interested in multimedia, codecs, assembly, SIMD, and the occasional weeb stuff.